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Hello, friends!! I am planning a travel for a photography project to Peru and Bolivia - is anyone from or has anyone here been there before and could help me with some advice?
Thank you!! :heart:
Hey guys! It's been a long time since I last wrote a journal entry, but as I am more and more interested in film photography, I would like to take this chance to let you know that I am offering SIGNED PHOTOGRAPHY PRINTS (various dimensions) in exchange for PHOTOGRAPHIC FILMS (expired or new)/ FILM CAMERAS or VINTAGE LENSES (suitable for Canon). 
If you are interested, please write me a note here or an e-mail at I would be very grateful!!

Thank you,
as the end of this year is approaching fast,
i am taking a moment to say Thank you for all the support you've given me throughout the years. 
i returned to deviantART, as i find here something that is difficult to find somewhere else... community. people still keen on giving comments rather than just press a button and then another one and then another one. 
so Thank you for your patience, your words, your push. yes, you push me to keep creating. even though i am small, you let me grow.
i dream that someday my photography will be of help to others. i wish to dedicate my work to everyone; not to critics, nor curators, nor art collectors. i wish my work to be humble and to bring a little bit of light to the soul. if i can do that, then the mission of my creation is being accomplished. 

Thank you.

cheers to a new beginning, that i hope will bring you the patience and the courage to be yourselves, the strength and the faith to pursue all that is good, all that is real, all that is Life.

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Please take a little time to have a look and perhaps share it with others:…
Thank you a million times :) 

doesn't compare to anywhere else online. One thing that deviantART has taught me is the sense of community. Please, don't stop growing, don't stop sharing a beautiful thought with the lovely people that still form this community. 

So thank you for being kind, honest, true. For giving me joy with your words, words that I need every moment of the day. I am small and frail, but you make me stronger. I cannot count the number of Notes and Comments that have marked my soul. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
My first photography book, "In the pursuit of light", is now available for sale on Blurb: 



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The book was launched two weeks ago at the R K Burt Gallery in London. It's been a long journey, but with the help of two wonderful and talented friends, I have accomplished this dream. Hope that there will be more to come :heart:

Have you been involved with self-publishing? Does anyone have a story on this? :) It's only the beginning for me and I would like to know your thoughts!

Warm hugs,
Click click click: 

Would love to read your opinion! :) There still are a few things to be done, but we're almost there! 
Thanks to tibiii for his wonderful help,
One of my photos was selected for the Daily Dozen section on National Geographic and now I have the chance to be featured inside the magazine! Please vote it below (the 5th one) so it gains more chances! 
Click click click:…

Thank you!! :--)
Interested in finding out how I make my surreal photo-manipulations? Guess what! I've just joined forces with SKILLSHARE to create a SURREAL IMAGERY COURSE that will answer many questions I have been asked regarding my photo-manipulations. It's the first time I'm doing a long tutorial explaining some of my own working techniques.

Discover more about it and enroll the course through the following link:

Get a 20% early bird discount code: PHOTO20 (expires on Friday).

Hope to meet you there!


P.S. Would be really grateful if you spread the news! Sharing is contagious. :)
Something I made as homework for this first year of college. Watch here:… :)

thinking back by Rona-Keller  

  The Kings Courts by EmilySoto

Sweet Pea III by uglybug  11. by niewidziane

Loop by tibiii  Untitled by FabriziaMiliaPhotos
Dream by Artic-art  Untitled by Artic-art

Jesse by aufzehengehen  *** by YuriChief

Many thanks to :iconcarlosae: for the subscription :heart:

Think Photography is easy as a pie?

I'll tell you what. Photography is the sum of a good amount of virtues. It is talent and inspiration. Creativity and imagination. Commitment and devotion. Patience and attention. Skill and technique. Team spirit and concentration. Art knowledge and innovation. Also, it requires a whole lotta time. And the list may go further and further.

So before you start judging the others' works, think. Don't go throwing sour remarks. Try to be a little sweet and understanding. And if you don't have anything nice to say, just move on. Find what you like and let others do what they like.

To every photographer who recognizes the need of all above, and never stops learning in the pursuit of those virtues, don't forget to Always protect what is yours. And don't you let anyone underestimate you. For I'm sure you put your mind, and body, AND soul in every single photograph you take.

Black and white by AnnaParcheniakJordyn by EmilySoto

friends by baravavrovaLost in her gardens by czas

*** by thefirebombLindsay III by MikeMonaghanPhoto

bouquet by Lover-and-the-Wild

Roses n thorns by anyaantiBorrowed Time. by mingaraeva
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Let's help a talented writer have his children's book published. Just CLICK and read:… :aww:

...and now, enjoy:

  Fragment by NataliaDrepina  Facade Of Reality by beyondimpression    fhjefgnsdkfnwe by chillione
A Sky of Flowers Take Her Away by beyondimpression
i fear the end by LostOneself
River Flows In You.. by Khomenko
Tilden 3 by EvilxElf

:love: :love: :love: It happened!!!

Undercover by iNeedChemicalX

Thanks, deviantART, for a great opportunity!!
Two days ago I found out that I won the Teen Photo Grand Prize, with this photograph: The shape you're in by iNeedChemicalX. It felt and it still feels unbelievable, and I invite you to have a look at the other winning photos (which are truly beautiful!) here:…

Sometimes, we should never wait for something to happen. It will come by itself and surprise us in the most wonderful way possible. a little click here, why thank you :aww:

My birthday happened, but it's still here. Therefore, thank you for all your amazing wishes. I felt quite surprised to read so many! I knew why I could never quit dA. Stay young! :)

Well, I thought 18 would be a messed up age. But I guess I was so, so wrong. It seems that the more I grow, the more I get younger. And that is a heck of a good feeling.

Cheers to new dreams, new hopes and new adventures! Thank you for all your comforting words throughout the year. See you at 19! :)
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after my photo,

drawing by :icontherainsdaughter:, who needs a little more faith in herself :aww:
Dear God,

if You give us the real spring back, i promise i will never color the grass blue in Photoshop again.

Yours humanly,
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‎"Congratulations! Your attached artwork has been shortlisted by Neil Gaiman and will now go into the final selection round where Neil will review the shortlisted images again and choose the ones to showcase in his interactive digital experience, A Calendar of Tales."

!!!!! DREAM........
thank you, deviantART, for sharing opportunities :heart:

P.S. Never wait for things to happen. Just let them come to you.
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