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Inspired by the magnificent Vivaldi.
Model: ~tibiii, :thanks:

why can't we be friends: [link]

P.S. The model is left-handed and he has never taken a violin lesson; he plays it for the love of music. :)
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that amazing. I had thought the winter of Vivaldi even before reading the description below the photo. perfect
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Amazing photo! What's are the camera settings for this?
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perfect!! omg!
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p.s.: ... and the Gods responded =)
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Very cool! +1 favourite :)
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I'm left-handed too, and I play violin <3
Amazing shoot :D
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amazing moment!
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you re welcome!
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This is so beautiful :heart:
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Thanks very much!!
This picture is just stunning. I really like how one of the lightning bolts looks like it's coming from the violinist's bow. Very nicely done. The only problem is the violin, but it seems like everyone else has mentioned it already.
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Very well picture, except for the fact that, the model is holding the violin VERY wrong :aww: Other than that, excelent picture, very inspiring.
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many thanks!
all he does is play with the violin (in a left-handed way) :)
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You're complety welcome, Chemic!

Thats explains, well for a person who doesn't know how to play a violin, this might look normal, anyways, it's just a little detail, aside of it, the picture looks very beautiful ^^
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The photography of this is really cool! The way he holds the violin is slightly off (I play violin, so I can tell), but other than that it is astounding! Great job!!!!!!:)
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Thank you :)
yeah, well, he's never had a violin lesson, plus he's left-handed :D
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