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The Flight

We have wings, too.

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wow this is a great shot
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Excellent work!
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So dramatic and almost peaceful at the same time, great job
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Love the contrast:)
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I love the little person in the back! Didn't see them at first! Great work :D
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That is beautiful! I'm almost having spasms xD I'm glad I found your work
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Your work never ceases to amaze me. :)
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This is beautiful. The standing figure seems to regret not being able to fly.
Was this film? It has a hint of grain, which works very well here.
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Thank you!
It was not film, I think the grain is due to the medium->high iso, hehe :) but I love film noise, oh so much...
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Wonderfully surreal. Great composition :O
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Your very welcome!!!:D
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nice shot dude (L
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nice work good composition.
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Wow, I almost missed the silhouette of the person standing on the far stack. Striking image.
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Thank you!
And yes :) a bit
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BTW, I'm guessing this is a composite?
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...This is a great picture.
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