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Sunset rose


model: Iulia Stroe yes model management

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I feel as though your photos are a snapshot of a story. Maybe the story here could be: the girl was ready to go to the ball but her date never arrived. She heard that her date is at the ball with another woman. That's why she's now looking solemnly out into the water. Will this story have a happy ending...? =P (Razz) 
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Beautiful colors.
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Great time of day for this photograph. Nice colors & pose by Iulia here:)
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simply but has so much emotion in it! its defiantly worthy of a poem as your friend (Observer14)  wrote :D :Sweet Cookie Bit 
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to sit
to dream
to pause and let the warmth of the last sun
  into my heart and soul.
to let my thoughts wander
  near and far.
to take a moment
   to let the sound of silence
         drown out the cacophony of life.

(I think I could look at this image all day and not be tired of it....  ;-))

Profound, and I love it. Reminds me of rod Mckewuen "IN search of EROS"
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Thanks!  I always seem to find these little bits bubbling up when I look at Felicai's photos.  ;-)
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hehe..  I always have so much fun leaving comments on your images, because there's so much of your heart, and so much to see in them.

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What an absolutely amazing capture! The raw pensive, contemplative nature of the whole pose, suffused in this warm radiance... you could not have gotten this more perfectly! 
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Thank you very much!!
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You are most welcome!
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Love the lighting!
I love the emotion captured here. 
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this picture is so beautiful
a very pretty young lady in elegant clothes
sitting all alone on cold stone
looking at "who knows where"
having a sad impression

I would love to be with her
hold her in my arms Hug 
comfort her Huggle! 
tell her, she's not alone at all No, I disagree! 
make her know, that someone loves her......  Heart 

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I appreciate the feelings this image gives me. =)
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This is an amazing piece. So elegant and beauteous.
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Wow! Beautiful capture, so natural and warm. :sun:
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