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August 5, 2011
The suggester says; "I feel as though the woman has a haunting feel to her. The reflection in her eyes really makes them pop, and they have such a wonderful amount of vibrancy."
Also suggested by ~iluvstix44, who says: "At only 17 years old, *iNeedChemicalX has contributed far more to photography than many others much older than her have or perhaps ever will. This shot perfectly captures both a lifetime of bittersweet memories and the sadness of losing a loved one."
Preserve your memories by *iNeedChemicalX
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Suggested by Nee-to
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Preserve your memories



can you imagine us years from today, sharing a park bench quietly?
how terribly strange to be seventy...

A rather silent stranger lady.
Her eyes dazed me - I wish I could have given her all the love she may not have had.… :music:

P.S. i've read all of your comments - it's amazing how many of you felt the same way i did when looking at her quite profoundly. it's also amazing how many of you gained little tears in their eyes. it's also amazing how much love you've given this photograph and, indirectly, to her. thank you. i hope that, one day, she will know how beautiful she is.

P.P.S. my God, thank you for the Daily Deviation. i love how little steps lead to great happenings.
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