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don't you be afraid

be my facebook photographic buddy: [link]
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Would you mind if I used this as a decoration/background on my page? it's so beautiful. ;w;

I will credit you ofc, I will not edit or re-post it, I just want to use it for a custom box if you don't mind, thanks!
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Paris is such a beautiful city. So full of love, culture and stunning scenes. 
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omg! this is completely great! I'm speechless..
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Perfect. :D

Very cool!
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Very fun, it's like the moon is a disco ball, and the stars are the reflections.
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Beautiful! ♥
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Have you travelled to Paris? This is very beautiful!!
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5 years ago :(
thank you!
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this is very pretty
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heheh...i like it! ;)
its magical
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shining bright as jewels!
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great bang of this baloon
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that is gorgeous :) so pretty!
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ahhmygossh thats just to wonderful for words
just so gorgeous and dazzling and mesmerizing and mystical blahblah
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