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In cosmos and in dreams

we'll barely hit the ground

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Picioarele vă stau să alunece de pe o iluzie optică?!
iNeedChemicalX's avatar
haha, daaa!
:hug: Oanananananaaaaaa!
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so amazing, atr first i thought i was going that i already am, great pic i love how you did it :)
ashleyjordan's avatar
I really like the composition and the background which I believe is texturized
This reminds me of 500 Days of Summer :)
Arthur-Ramsey's avatar
This is great is it my imagination or do I seam seams on both sides
alena-light's avatar
so natural and inspiring...
SweetMahartaSongbird's avatar
i had a dream like this once, where the room flipped and I was on one side and this girl was on the other and the world was colder and greyer....
iNeedChemicalX's avatar
mmm... :)
that would be a great photograph...
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that's really nice :3
esweet95's avatar
I love this. Great job!
HRCcookster's avatar
its very.... it makes you really think what its about... its really cool
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I like this type of unique Ideas.... good work!
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Evileenya's avatar
This is awesome juxtaposition!
TangledHangers's avatar
wonderful concept!
setmyfriendsonfire27's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous, I love it!
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Wonderful concept and photo. I very like the clouds on the wall.

One question: Is this anyhow Pushing Daisies related?
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hahaha, this lol'ed me, the man is the reincarnation of the woman. lol
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Oh god. They're seconds away from a showtune, aren't they?
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