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I wore my soul as face

couldn't keep up with its face.
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Very expressive,although the mask is emotionless!
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Beautyful picture!!! :hug:
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You have been featured here!: [link]
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Hello, your work has been selected to be in #Genuine-ART's Featured Corner.
Have a nice day,

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Hi! Your picture is featured here: [link]
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beautiful colours! (:
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Nice one :D But kinda creepy and spooky oO Love it nevertheless!
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always so rich ur work. dripping with atmosphere. the mask scary o.0
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Very creepy. I love it. :)
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Super creative and a stunning picture, I love it!
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You're the creator of the most beautiful scenerys of our modern time and I really appreciate your work and what you've done to art (most overall on dA!).
This is outstanding.
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Isa, your words have always melted my heart. I thank you, once again.

May you have a wonderful new year! :)
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Same to you, Felicia :)
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Wow, this is really brilliant! The picture is scary in a "unscary" way, if you know what I mean? I find it kinda disturbing, because it is right between scary and beautiful. In this picture I also find it ok that the model is in the middle of the picture, normally I would prefer her to be a little more to the left or to the right. Great done!
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I just watched Spirited Away and loved it. This very much fits into that mood and theme.

The most I love how everything around you looks like a halo, even more, like white-ish transparent wings of an angel.
Also wearing one's soul as a face is for me vulnerable-ness and at the same time a thing of courage and strength.

"I am wearing a mask so you can accept me, but behind it I am an angel."

A happy new year to you, angel :-)
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Merci beaucoup,

have a brilliant new year, please do.
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Wow, that's really inspiring photo.
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This is very creepy - in a good way! An awesome photograph, though if I saw someone dressed like that staring at me from 100 feet away, I'd probably start running! lol
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