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High School Maths

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to all my Math teachers who've made me learn formulas, a quick thank you for developing my rational side ))

just a play.

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I love this so much! May I make a similar photo but in my own style? I wanted to ask your permission before I do it and I will of course credit you (:
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Dragut loc pentru ascuns fituici :D
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Argh! Maths is horrid, but this is awesome :) 
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very reactive indeed, well done
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This wonderful work has been featured here: Conceptual Spotlight Vol. 59.

Looking forward to seeing more art from you at devPREMIUM.

Best regards


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oh great idea, school would have been easy only if I had those at the time (Just my imagination). :)
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Funny, but really nice use of contrasts, both pictorially and thematically.  Really like your use of color vs. stark black and white, soft vs. hard, sensual vs. analytical.

Love those red, red lips.  ;-)

(Oh, and I majored in Math in college.  I think being someone who understands formulas and math sometimes really builds your artistic ability.  The best mathematicians, and computer people, are VERY creative, if they will just let themselves go once in a while!)

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You are so right! The creative side embraces the logical one very well :)
Thank you, again!
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You are most welcome!

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ureareon decoding mood (lol) Very very nice !I do like ithis !
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Your lips are like a perfect heart O.O
epic!?! :D
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hahaha, thank you :D:D
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Ah, logs and sins.  How disappointing it was when I found out that these things were not, literally, logs that sinned.  It is a very cool image.
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Hehe.  Have a nice Sunday.  Here's a kiss for you, my love!
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omigosh this is so amazing and original! Fantastic work!
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omg i like it so ! soooo much!
i think it's a brilliant idea
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