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First action

A little gift.
It's the first one,so please excuse me if it's too bad.
I just want to thank everyone somehow for..everything.
Anyway,this action looks different from photo to photo,maybe it's not how you expected.

BTW,you can go to Image-> Adjustments-> Black&White to see if you like it more when it's totally desaturated.


No need to credit.Only,if you want,show me the link to the photo you used the action on,I'm very curious:giggle:.

Oh and I did it with photoshop cs3.I don't know if it works with any other versions.
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wow, this is grat, thank you :)
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uh my dear, I absolutely love that action. <3
Amazing work, see more like this at - The source of grapic design and web development blog..
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its beautiful <3
كيف احمممل
Very nice. Congrats.
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Luuuuuvv iit <3
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Nice .. Thank
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woooo love it so much , when I use it in my drawings ganna show it 2 U ...
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I download your action, thanks ;)
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wow! Action Rocks.
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