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Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find you and I collide

be my facebook photographic buddy: [link]

p.s. the Universe couldn't be more beautiful than with You in it.
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I was on Pandora listening to music while browsing through your gallery and then the song "Collide" started playing while I came across this song, and now the song is playing as I type this. Coincidence? (:
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*came across this photo
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Your gallery is gorgeous. I think I fell in love.
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I totally love that song much. ToT And this photo too. good work.
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i love this so so so much
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wooow beautifuuuL <3 it
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My goodness, how did you capture the sky like that?
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so gorgeous. :) so pretty and sweet
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Wow! its an awesome work!
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This is amazing!! Love it! :]
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this is stunningly beautiful..
:heart: it..
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what kind of camera did you use?
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Loving the contrast between the grass and the sky and the intimate, vulnerable couple in the center.
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that is so damn romantic!
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Cool. : D

I really like the colors, all those stars... :D
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