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These were everyday sounds magnified by darkness. And darkness was nothing - it was not a substance, it was not a presence, it was no more than an absence of light. ― Ian McEwan, Atonement

be my facebook photographic buddy: [link]

Please respect my work. I am human, just like you, which means I have emotions, too. Which means I can get pretty edgy when people do bad things with my photos. Therefore, don't steal, don't copy, don't reproduce. Reposts on other websites are welcome, as long as you mention the author's name, that is Felicia Simion, and/or the original source. Thank you.
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I linked this in a journal 'game'  April Easter Theme Game Anyone?I have to apologize to everyone. I'm sorry if I've been a basket case. I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me. The comments, faves, the feedback, and the conversations. I really do appreciate you guys. I'm sorry that this whole thing has me stressed out. I want to find a way to help strengthen us and I want to find a way to better protect each other. I also have been stashing points away from some really wonderful people and still would like to do a literature contest in WritersResources as well as do something on my profile. I may not have a lot of points to distribute but we can still make it fun!
On another note:
I'm doing an Easter theme game to entice people in our group to become more active.
"It will be an Easter Hunt. Here is how to play. I will post a word and description here on DA to get us started. Then you guys can post an art piece you think best matches the word/description. Any art style, piece, you feel works best it doesn't have to be religious.
 because we were looking to illustrate the word 'atonement'. I felt your photograph best does that. Below is my explanation for why. Thank you for sharing your artwork. :)

I am taking the word atonement in a religious context, though the same idea of atonement applies to our interpersonal relationships as well. I chose this piece because to me, atonement is not paying for a wrong by punishment, or doing a penance, or making restitution. Atonement cannot be achieved by these things because atonement speaks of being restored whole in relationship. In a relationship that has been torn by any betrayal, no 'thing' is capable of restoring that relationship. Atonement first and foremost is dependent on the injured party being willing and desiring to have the relationship restored. This statement is 'I value you more than...', more than the thing lost, more than the deed done, more than the damage caused, more than my righteous pain caused by your foul behavior, I value you. Atonement begins with the damaged party shedding the light of forgiveness on the offending party with no strings attached. The person who needs atonement must receive this forgiveness. This is easier said than done. Receiving forgiveness means laying down whatever excuse or reason you may have for hurting the other. Receiving forgiveness means that you value that other more than protecting your ego, more than defending your honor, more than your own life. Receiving forgiveness means there is no 'thing' that you can offer that injured person other than yourself with no conditions. This is what unconditional forgiveness looks like, and this is what I believe atonement is.
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I wish I could like comments like on FB lol
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:) We could use a 'like' button on artwork as well. To show work is appreciated, yet not really wanting to add to a collection. My favs gallery is beyond management, out of control.
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Actually that would be cool and then people could still support an image and not become bogged down by everything that they can't enjoy anything. Hmmm maybe a suggestion should be made in the suggestions thread? If enough votes were made DA would consider it.
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Where's the suggestions thread? I actually tried a complaint ticket or a bug fix ticket to suggest it, but not sure that they'll even look twice at that. As you well know trying to get them to look into the hack situation. Also if they could sort notifications by the person doing the activity. I've had to go through llamas and thanked a person for the llama, then went through favs and thanked the person for favs. Then went through the ad watch stack and made a third trip. Also, sometimes if I can't get to notifications for a few days, the same person  may make visits on different days. Just saying if we could see all the activity one person does in a stack it would be easier to go and thank that person.
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Thank you for repsoting, I hope other decide to join even though Easter is past. We should celebrate the month.
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We'll have to wait and see. Seems people got really busy around here suddenly.
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I think its finals now. I'm finding out a lot of people are in crunch time.
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Lost for words ...again . wonderful.
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I seriously love! this picture!
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a m a z i n g
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Great light and composition. Beautifully done.
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Your work is featured in "Theme - BW #2" [link]
Amazing work.....nothing could describe it in words , it's something only the soul could understand
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This is truly incredible. It looks like a wonderful drawing, and I can't do anything but staring
at it. It is mesmerizing.
Sincere congratulations.
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Thank you so much!
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You're welcome! That's absolutely deserved! ;)
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Congratulations! Your wonderful photograph has been featured in the group, Those-Lovely-Lights. You can visit the blog post here [link].

Have a great week! :blackrose:
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wow, this made me speechless- so simple yet stunning '-'
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