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??? [pc23m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

This dragon is inactive.  It's complete stage will be completed once it is made active again.

Dragon: ???
ID#: pc23m
Description: Portal Blood Forest Red Arboreal-Terran Male
Bondmate: Xaunder
Adopter: seraaches
Mutations: Blindness, Arboreal-Terran hybrid type (two taloned wings)
Magical Objects: Blackened Ivy
Blackened IvyBlackened Ivy
This twining black ivy provides this dragon the ability to camouflage itself as any sort of plant or plant detritus.  For example, the dragon can suddenly appear to be a branch, or a pile of deadwood.
The ivy also grants a breath weapon of pitch black dust that blinds foes and irritates the eyes, sinuses, and lungs.
When the dragon is in great danger, the leaves from the ivy can detach and launch themselves at attackers.  The leaves are very sharp and gravely injure anyone foolish enough to pursue the dragon.  It will take at least a few days for the leaves to grow back, up to a week for the largest leaves to reach full size.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 7: Halloween Clutch 2009

The Blood Forest Portals have adapted to life in the dark forest.  Members of this Clan are very small; they are almost half the size of an average Machesri.  They have thick hides, dark and dusky and a bit brownish in their colorations.  Some have fuzzy manes or tail fur.  Their scales are rough and slightly leathery.  Their back scales extend down their skull to the end of their nose.  Arboreals are usually Arboreal-Terran hybrids like this male, with talons on their wings.  The Terrans spend most of their lives burrowing under the forest floor, with short, stunted legs if they have any at all.  Marines are very rare, inhabiting the rare ponds in the woods.

This small dragon has spent his entire life in the trees.  His wings are not large enough for full flight or long-distance gliding; he travels by climbing up trunks and branches and moving from tree to tree in a controlled free fall.  He has been blind since birth, but sight is not a very handy sense in the dark, foggy forest.  His lack of sight hasn't caused him much trouble.  He is a talented hunter of aerial and arboreal prey.


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