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??? [pc22m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: ???
ID#: pc22m
Description: Portal Montane Mountain Haze Terran-Arboreal Male
Bondmate: Naika
Adopter: unyko
Mutations: Terran-Arboreal hybrid type (four legs, two wings), living wood horns
Magical Objects: Living Ersatz, Viridian Rivière
Living ErsatzLiving Ersatz
This small doll made of sticks and bound with earthen magic allows this dragon to create living, breathing copies of anything living.  The copies will be completely indistinguishable from the originals with the exception of their souls.  Since a soul cannot be copied, the ersatz will be animated with magic similar to that which gives life to earth elementals.
Viridian RiviereViridian Rivière
These gem beads glow with the earth's abundance.  This dragon wields the power of bringing new life and prosperity to anything living, including heightening fertility, renewing growth, and increasing health.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 7: Halloween Clutch 2009

Montane Portals are larger and more muscular than Machesri Clan dragons.  Their colorations are darker, with the scales and wing membranes being more dusky and the hides being more glossy.  They have large talons and long, spiraling horns, both usually black.  Their eyes match their base coloration.  These dragons travel alone or in pairs, keeping large territories.  About every seven years, there is a larger gathering, where dragons can obtain Magical Objects, find mates, fight others for ranking purposes, and exchange information.

This dragon was abandoned as an egg.  The spirit of the mountain took pity on him, and he was raised protected by earth elemental magic.  He has grown into a powerful Bishen who serves the mountain spirit, acting as Lord and master of all within his territory.  He is so suffused with earth magic that his horns have become living wood.


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