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??? [pc18m]

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A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

This dragon is inactive.

Dragon: ???
ID#: pc18m
Description: Portal Subway Albino Terran Male
Adopter: Dracogrex (Gold Star Parent by indyana)
Special Characteristics: Tarnished jewelry
Abilities/Attacks: Heat Wave, Metalwork
Heat WaveHeat Wave
This dragon can generate and breathe intense heat.
The ability to work and shape metal for jewelry or sculpture.

  • Heat Wave: This dragon's breath can warm, sear, or even cause things to burst into flames.  He also can heat himself from the inside, although his skin becomes hot at the most.  He hasn't sought to develop that ability into a defensive measure.
  • Metalwork: After collecting metal material, he can use his Heat Wave ability to heat and shape it.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 4: Commissions 2006

Notes: This dragon crafts his own jewelry from scraps of metal he finds in his travels.  Some of it takes inspiration from the remnants of human society (jambeaux a la tin cans?).  In his metalworking, he occassionally shows signs of psychokinetic abilities related to metallurgy, but he has not sought to develop them.
In my mind, he is a young male, traveling in search of his own territory.  He is mature enough to have fought battles with other males; you can tell by the wear on his horns.



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Ams, you need to come back so I can make more crazy dragons wearing tin cans. :heart: