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??? [mc131m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: ???
ID#: mc131m
Description: Machesri Dark Blue Marine Male
Adopter: Quissie (Gold Star Parent by indyana)
Mutations: Dark color variant, tail fin, armored scales, horns
Special Characteristics: Scarring, metal armor
Magical Objects: Demon's Jaws, Dairal's Crinet
Demon's JawsDemon's Jaws
This ring charmed with fangs gives the wearer the ability to crush enemies with invisible force of great strength.  Time is needed to target enemies, especially if they are in rapid motion, and the dragon can only concentrate on one target at a time.  The larger the area he is targeting, the more energy and concentration it will take.
Dairal's CrinetDairal's Crinet
This object, while it does not grant the wearer any magical abilities, is imbued with a strong aura of protection.  Over time, it may become a Magical Object simply by the faith and strength of its maker and bearers.  Currently attached to it is the cadency symbol of the eighth son, a cross moline.

Abilities/Attacks: Constrict, Quick Reflexes
This dragon can wrap around enemies and squeeze them, which can result in unconsciousness, severe internal injuries, or death.
Quick ReflexesQuick Reflexes
This dragon has faster reaction times than your average dragon.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 7: Halloween Clutch 2009

Notes: This dragon, although young, is part of a growing legend, that of the Machesri Knights.  He is the eighth child of Dairal and Krina and wears the crinet of Dairal's Armor, marked with the ancient heraldry cadency symbol for an eighth son.  The teeth and claws on his armor are from his many victories, as are his scars.


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This is very well done, with the shading and lines effectively conveying the 3D nature of the character, with the exception of the tail fins. looking up pictures of seaweed, or cloth underwater, or fish tails might help you figure out the very tricky physics of thin materials flowing in underwater currents and eddies.

The eyes are soulful and lifelike, seeming to hold the weight of a warrior in them, and gravity seems to be accounted for in the dangling of the bangles.

The character is not positioned in a terribly interesting way on the page...just centered on a blank pale blue ground and thus no interaction with the ground. Its obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into the character himself, and that it would take just as long if not longer to create a background that interacts with the character in a believable and compelling way, but the boring background kind of undermines the complexity of the character. Something you might consider in the future is to pick a photo of some place to use as your background before you start drawing, and then draw the character to interact with the floor/ground of that picture. That will give you a much more interesting composition, but not take hours and hours of extra work into making a background. This character is done in a style that would allow it to be set against slightly blurry nature photographs without looking too out of place. 

The scale plates on his belly stick out quite a way, and this leads to a spacial issue. They do look good,  but natural armor plates like that would carry on farther up his chest. With how big they are, there would be no room under his crinet. You might consider either flattening the plates, or making the crinet larger to show that it's going over a few of them. 

Its a really nice piece, with just a few minor issues that pop up when you really examine it and a boring background keeping it from reaching its full potential. 
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I'm quite the fan of this boy. His entire look and selection of items coupled with the growing legend, "Tale of the Machesri Knights" is very awesome.
I'm curious if any of the other siblings will one day make appearances. :)
indyana's avatar
Absolutely!  Just waiting for the right stories to pop up!