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??? [mc109m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

This dragon is inactive.

Dragon: ???
ID#: mc109m
Description: Machesri Midnight Terran-Arboreal Male
Bondmate/Caretaker: ???
Mutations: Midnight color mutation, Terran-Arboreal hybrid type (four legs, two wings), claws
Special Characteristics: Amethyst and silver rosary
Abilities/Attacks: Clairaudience, Clairvoyance
a mediumship ability that allows the user to receive messages from the dead via hearing
a mediumship ability that allows the user to receive messages from the dead via sight (a.k.a. they see dead people.  This, unfortunately, does not also involve hearing what they are saying).

Magical Objects: Spectral Sigil
Spectral SigilSpectral Sigil
The user of this object is granted the ability of astral projection.  The dragon can travel through the spirit plane and view places far away.  The strength of the projection can vary from being completely invisible to being seen by all.  In some cases, it is even possible for the protections to interact with surrounding beings and objects.
This object also gives the dragon ability to breathe spirit fire, fire that only burns on the spirit plane.  It is an effective weapon against spirits, any sort of spectral or psychic energy, and anything possessing a soul.

  • Spectral Sigil:  He is able to make very strong astral projections that not only can be seen but also can physically interact with the people and objects around them.  These strong projections take more energy, and they cannot be maintained for long periods of time.  He can breathe blue-white spirit fire.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 4: Commissions 2006



Past Stages
??? [mc109m] - Wyrm Stage by indyanaMachesri Male Egg (Current Version) by indyana

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