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A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.  Bishel dragons are growing adoptions earned by submitting art or writing for each stage.

Want to adopt your own?  Watch BishenRealm for the next available clutch.

This dragon is inactive.

Dragon: ???
ID#: hc18f
Name Meaning: ???
Egg Name: Peguhctal
Egg Name Pronunciation: pae-GOOK-tahl
Egg Name Meaning: "worthy birth" or "worthy of being born"
Description: Hirgyae Almandine Divine Arboreal Female
Caretaker: Angel
Adopter: EndaraMae ( Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Mutations: Divine characteristics (Almandine color mutation and sparrow-like fore-wings), silver horns and spines, two sets of wings
Special Characteristics: Tattoos around eyes
Abilities/Attacks: Constrict, Dissipation, Divine Aura
This dragon can wrap around enemies and squeeze them, which can result in unconsciousness, severe internal injuries, or death.
Any sort of harmful magic or energy field tends to dissipate when this dragon enters it.  This ability extends to magic circles, barriers, and illusions, especially if the dragon is intentionally attempting to unravel them.  This dragon also has the inherent ability to dispel negative forces.
Divine AuraDivine Aura
Demons and other dark creatures tend to unconsciously avoid this dragon, making it a natural demon repellent.  There's a touch of the divine in this dragon, and it can be sensed by all who encounter it.

  • Constrict: This attack can be devastating if she digs in her spines.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 5: Halloween Clutch 2007

This Hirgyae has been blessed by a deity of your world, not by Gratira.  She is an Arboreal with both fore- and hind-wings; her fore-wings are feathered, and her hind-wings are draconic.  Her two sets of wings are large enough to allow her to fly.

Hirgyae are scarce on Angel's world.  There is no organized Clan remaining, only very small, isolated packs of dragons.  Her egg became lost when her pack was killed off in a territory skirmish.  It is a miracle that she survived, and it probably has something to do with her patron deity.  Because she has not been raised by other Hirgyae, she has little knowledge of her culture: she does not understand Hirgyae, she has no knowledge of Hirgyae society or structure, and she does not have prejudices against humans and elves.

If she first meets Angel as an egg, they may form a close connection, if not an outright bond.  If she meets Angel later in life (shrapehood or later), it is more likely that she would view him as a possession, an interesting find to be hoarded.


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