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Yithuathu [mc117f]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Ryo-tsu
Dragon: Yithuathu
ID#: mc117f
Description: Machesri Grey Terran-Arboreal Female
Caretaker: Cecilia Vadoma
Adopter: Vyntacular
Mutations: Grey color mutation, Terran-Arboreal hybrid type (two stunted wings, two stunted front legs), long talons
Magical Objects: Eyes of Entangled Perception, Spinner's Gloves
Eyes of Entangled PerceptionEyes of Entangled Perception
These six, eye-like stones give this dragon insight and the ability to see many different types of energy. These stones also provide some enhanced telepathic ability to read into another's mind, allowing the dragon to understand and predict their actions.  The pitfall of this Magical Object is that all the different information is perceived at the same time.  The dragon cannot possibly process it all at once, so it must carefully pick through the information and concentrate to glean what may be useful.  It may make this dragon slower to react, and the dragon may miss some information while concentrating on another point of view.
The stones also have mild hypnotic abilities.  They will glow slightly red, and the dragon will weave its head slowly back and forth.  As long as the dragon maintains eye contact with the victim, it can keep its prey mesmerized and motionless.  The spell can be broken if the dragon breaks rhythm, or if
Spinner's GlovesSpinner's Gloves
These gloves give this dragon the ability to produce strands of silk.  They also provide the dragon with a breath weapon of sticky silk that can be used to slow or bind enemies.

  • Eyes of Entangled Perception: This dragon can see auras, magical energy, heat energy, and all wavelengths of light.  Sometimes, she can even see the shape of time, which can give her glimpses into the immediate past or future.
  • Spinner's Gloves: She often uses her silk to create snares or display her hoard.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 5: Halloween Clutch 2007

This mature female dragon acts as groundskeeper and guardian for a small temple devoted to the Mother and the Father, Uloshami and Yiskelot.  She was chosen for the task during her shrapehood based on both her devotion to the creators and also her coloration, which lends itself to invisibility and solitude.  The small shrine she maintains was created by dragons, and for them, it is sacred ground.  Dragons travel there on religious pilgrimages; otherwise, it remains empty except for its current protector.  It is located deep in the forest and, like this Grey dragon herself, has a natural tendency to remain unnoticed.  This tendency is augmented by protective wards put in place by its original creators.

Although she spends much time in the temple, she has created a den for herself away from the holy place.  Here she keeps her hoard.  She is not malicious, but visitors to the temple are rare.  Boredom can occasionally leave her in dire need of amusement.  Her coloration makes her a natural spy, and she often creeps out to watch events unfold in and around her forest.  She also collects items for her hoard in this way.  Rarely, she has been known to capture creatures, especially sentient ones, in order to provide a break from her solitary existence.  She does not bring them to the temple or her den, in order to protect their locations.  She does not harm them, mostly seeking conversation, but she may toy with them a bit.  When she tires of her captives, she releases them and disappears back into the shadows.


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