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Yakov [pc13]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Yakov
ID#: pc13
Description: Portal Doll
Bondmate: Nkiru
Adopter: karimuffin (Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Abilities/Attacks: Bludgeon, Constrict
The ability to club enemies with great force
This dragon can wrap around enemies and squeeze them, which can result in unconsciousness, severe internal injuries, or death.

  • Bludgeon: He can use his head or tail to club enemies.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 3: Halloween Clutch 2006

Notes: This living doll was once a Bishel dragon, although its original Clan and variety are lost to time.  It was one of the dollmaker's earlier experiments, and it wasn't particularly successful.  Its head is a metal mask, and only the eyes can move.  The dragon is unable to make any facial expressions or vocalizations.  Its body appears to be some sort of wood, but it is indestructible beyond slight scratches.  Originally, the wings and major body joints were covered with silken fabric, but that has proved to be susceptible to damage.  The dragon doll's fabric is badly in need of repair, and only shreds are left in some locations.  The wings are decorative only; the doll is incapable of flight.  It slithers and climbs, and it seems particularly fond of trees.  It may have been of the Arboreal type while living.
The transfer was flawed, and although the doll body held, the dragon suffered extensive memory loss.  It doesn't remember what or who it once was.  It is still capable of telepathy and speech, but it rarely pauses to talk.  It often projects telepathic noises, such as hisses and growls, when warding off attackers.  Any magic it may have had while alive has been forgotten, and as a result, its only defense is to bludgeon enemies with its tail and head or constrict them.  It does this quite often.  Early experiences with angry mobs and hunters has caused it to hate anything sentient.  If someone wanders too close, the doll will lash out, and it has no qualms about killing those who would dare to hunt it.  Although its memory is fractured at best, the dragon doll has a sense of what it has lost.  It knows it can never return to whatever life it once had, and thus, it doesn't consider its past body or family to be of much consequence.  It does, however, wish to remember what magic is and find its powers again, if only to be able to defend itself better.  With time, this may be possible, since dragons are powerfully magic creatures, even without their physical forms.

Non-breedable dragon


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He still scares me half to death. Man, I love him so much. You really out did yourself with him.
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I had fun re-reading his story today. :heart:
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*sobs a little* the typos in my stories are terrible. I have no idea how anyone gets through them.

Also... O_o; two chapters are missing from Yakov's story. I have no idea where I put them and why they were never uploaded.
indyana's avatar
Aww. :(  One of the hazards of web keeping.  I hope you will find them at some point.

And hey, I lived through the web in the 90s.  All of your submissions are a cake walk.