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Vegas Suvesi [pc12m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Role: Birthday Present for Kari
Dragon: Vegas Suvesi
ID#: pc12m
Description: Portal Biomechanical Male
Bondmate: Umbra
Adopter: karimuffin (Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Abilities/Attacks: Calculation, Strength, Laser Blast
This dragon can perform advanced calculations.
This dragon has strength far beyond average.
Laser BlastLaser Blast
This dragon has a power laser that can burn holes in materials or completely incinerate them.

  • Calculation: His brain is augmented by cybernetics, allowing for enhanced calculating ability.  This also makes him very fast.
  • Strength: He is stronger than your average dragon due to his composition.
  • Laser Blast: There is a blaster gun in his tail, which allows him to wound, kill, or incinerate enemies.  Unfortunately, there is not a stun setting.

Group: Prizes and Gifts

Notes: He has the ability to learn many physical attacks and abilities, but his magical abilities are severely limited. He would need extensive training to even tap into them.

Description: Hmm... where to start... The central processing unit in this construct contains a male Bishel Dragon embryo. Of course, he is so integrated into the biomechanical body that he can never be removed. I have a few theories regarding the biomechanical unit's creation, but I figured it would be nicer to let you decide. If you're ever interested in hearing them, let me know. The CPU controls the entire body. It is wired to receive input from all sensors and output commands to the body. It is supported within the rib frame. The goo around it is a supersaturated nutrient suspension. The dragon absorbs everything he needs from this solution via the mechanical shell. The shell regulates what is allowed inside, and thus can keep out poisons, disease-causing organisms, and other impurities that may somehow get into the nutrient solution. The solution is held in a superstrong membrane that can exchange nutrients with the outside but is almost impossible to pierce. Moving on to the body itself, the head is a solid molding, with no expressive capabilities. The eyes are the main optical units and view the entire light spectrum, although they can filter to only see visible light. The dark, glassy plate on the forehead is a radar emitter/receiver. The grates on his head take in scents and sounds. The grate where his mouth would be located is also able to "taste" things. He can emit ultrasonic pulses, useful for echolocation, as well as a distress signal. He knows little verbal language but communicates via electronic signals. His horns are actually antenna, which can pick up all sorts of interesting signals and emit responses. The neck and tail are mainly movement and balance oriented, but small sensors line them facing all directions. These sensors can pick up thermal signatures, motion, or light intensity, allowing him to "see" everywhere around him. At the end of his tail is a laser blaster. His legs are very flexible and can telescope to an extent, giving him a very wide reach in all directions. Each ends in a set of fully-articulated talons. They are not very sensitive, but by using them to test the hardness of items in combination with his other sensor input, he can distinguish different materials and calculate the best way to hold them if necessary. Altogether, the biomechanical body has few physical limitations.


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