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Tierce [mc116m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Tierce
ID#: mc116m
Description: Machesri Blue Arboreal Male
Adopter: aurryinne
Special Characteristics: Scar, scarification, glowing star tattoos, soft leather cuffs, silver horn chains
Magical Objects: Kind Eye
Kind EyeKind Eye
This Magical Object is considered a healers' item, although it does give the user other attributes.  It causes others to find the wearer to be kind and form a good initial impression of them.  Its user gains insight into the mind, spirit, and soul, especially as applies to healing ills that affect them.  It also instills calm and sobriety, making the wearer a better scholar and teacher.  The user of this item is granted a breath weapon of lavender haze that momentarily dazes opponents and can either snap them out of rage and hysteria or give opportunity for escape.

Abilities/Attacks: Kinesics, Dream Warning, Soothing Touch, Cloud of Fear
The ability to observe and interpret body language and non-verbal communication very accurately
Dream WarningDream Warning
This ability is a form of suggestion or hypnosis, in which the dragon will stare the target down and flat out tell them that their current path can only lead to failure and hurt and that even their trusted dead friends and family would suggest leaving him alone.  All those but the most mentally guarded will have exactly such a dream the following night.  It is an excellent way to scare off potential enemies.
Soothing TouchSoothing Touch
This dragon has the ability to soothe and calm others with a touch.
Cloud of FearCloud of Fear
A breath weapon of dark grey smoke that smells of cedar and causes the target to remember vividly a time when they were very afraid or hurt

  • Kinesics: His long hours of observation and study of others have allowed him to develop this ability.  It can give him uncanny insight into the true intentions and feelings of others, to the point where many have the impression that he is psychic or omniscient.  Besides aiding in his treatment of patients, this skill also warns him when someone might be untrustworthy or dangerous.
  • Dream Warning: When dealing with enemies not deterred by more normal means, this dragon resorts to using this ability.
  • Soothing Touch: By meditating and touching a patient, this dragon can talk them through releasing negativity and calming their emotions, leaving them feeling lighter and more peaceful.  This ability can only be used if the target is willing to be healed.
  • Cloud of Fear: A more sinister version of his first breath weapon, this attack is used only in the most dire of circumstances to distract an opponent.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 4: Commissions 2006

This dragon was clutched shortly after the Machesri first arrived at the Creature Refuge over thirty years ago.  He grew up in Bishen Realm and had the benefits of peace and plenty.  As he developed, he became interested in how others thought and behaved.  He wondered often why people were so different from one another, and he quickly gained a reputation for being attentive and perceptive.

When he became a shrape, he was granted the Kind Eye, an odd name for a powerful healer's object.  Although the symbol of the all-seeing eye has many meanings in various cultures, here the sides of the triangle represent the mind, the spirit, and the soul, and the eye in the center grants the ability to see into them.  The eye is studded with an amethyst cabochon, which is meant to instill a calm mind and which symbolizes a healing focus.  Originally, the pendant was worn around his neck on a silver chain.

Set upon the path of a healer, he focused on healing the mind, helping to alleviate emotional issues, and discovering the causes of negativity and depression.  For many years, he studied and treated patients in Bishen Realm.  As his skills grew, he was occasionally called outside the Creature Refuge.  Because of his species, he often treated dragons and other mythical creatures, but he was always fascinated with humans when he had the chance to interact with them.  He found that although psychology differed much across species, there was always common ground from which to begin.  As he matured, he developed new abilities, some of which he guided into attacks.  Although the Creature Refuge was relatively safe, his trips to the outside were often quite dangerous.  Respect for dragons, he found, was not universal.

It was on one of his outer realm 'house calls' that he received his tattoos and the scarification beneath them. Even the most powerful creatures are susceptible to ills of the mind.  When a mountain forest elemental became depressed, a local tribe of avalines called for the aid of the well-known Bishel healer.  The elemental's depression translated to the dying of the forest in which they lived, so the tribe was obviously very eager for the dragon to render assistance.  He lived in the forest and spoke with the elemental for almost three years.  In that time, the elemental overcame its depression and was taught the tools to keep a positive attitude in the future.  The forest began to recover as well, which pleased the avaline tribe.  In thanks, the elemental bestowed the star tattoos upon the dragon, sealing magic into his hide.  He was told that each pinpoint represented a possibility, and that each possibility could only be brought to brilliant life by study and wisdom.

After that encounter, the dragon considered it his mission to strive to reach his fullest potential.  Feeling that he would need to travel to gain experience, he made the decision to leave Bishen Realm.  He switched to wearing the Kind Eye from his horns, to make his mark as a healer more visible to those he encountered.  The leather bands he wears on his horns and tail were gifts from his mother; on the inner surface of each band are symbols burned in for safe travel and protection.  He was sent off with a banquet hosted by his parents.  Much of the Creature Refuge was in attendance; many were sad to lose such a healer from their midst.

He now travels from place to place, seeking out both patients and teachers.  Danger often rears its ugly head, but he attempts to use his abilities to avoid fights where possible.  Occasionally, this fails, as is evident in the scar on his right shoulder, where he was gored a few years ago by an especially violent patient.  No matter what brutality he may encounter, he rarely resorts to physical violence himself, much preferring to use his mental skills to escape or rescue others from unpleasant situations.

His personality is quiet, and those who meet him often find him to be caring and sensitive.  His understanding of thought and behavior can also make him manipulative, although he usually has others' best interests at heart.  He is generally liked and respected, and as he matures, he will continue to acquire the sagacious presence wielded only by true masters.


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