The Third Shantel

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Clutch: Machesri Clutch 3: The Kailan's Hunt Clutch
Additional Shrapes: Clarinet [mc42f]

Jarod looks slightly harried as he darts around, trying to gather up the shrapes from the Kailan's Hunt clutch.  This clutch had been one of the most unusual and wide-ranging clutches.

*Pierre, get those ladies over here!  The Kailan will be arriving any minute!*  Jarod yells to a red terran dragon, who immediately darts off towards a group of female shrapes chatting near one of the pools.

Pierre is used to Shantels being a dignified and quiet affair, and all this hustle and bustle is disconcerting.  He rushes over to the two terran females, who are discussing their dens.

*Yes, Ashureii,* one is saying, *I've got my own little den right und--*

*Excuse me, ladies, but we are going to begin soon.  You have to g--*  At this point, Pierre loses his train of thought, because a gorgeous, moonstone head has suddenly splashed up out of the pool.  Pierre stares shocked into two beautiful eyes.

*Yes?*  The marine shrape says, staring at him.

*Umm...*  Pierre struggles for a moment to remember why he came over here.  The other females are looking at him and giggling.  *Ah, yes, the Shantel... it will be starting soon.  You must go line up near the entrance to the Kailan's cave.*

The three shrapes quickly move off towards the cave, the marine female giving Pierre a polite "thank you" as she leaves.  Pierre, meanwhile, is feeling quite dazed as he watches her go.

*Pierre!*  Jarod trills into his ear loudly.  *Come on, it will be starting!*  Pierre jerks himself out of his shock and trots off to get a good vantage point.

Meanwhile, the shrapes of the Kailan's clutch have lined up in front of the cave and are waiting somewhat nervously for the Kailan to arrive.  A pair of blue marine twins are peering curiously at the moonstone marine shrape at the other end of the line.  Two green arboreals are chatting to each other while a green terran examines a few flowers near their feet.  A blue arboreal sits quietly at the end of the line, taking in his surroundings.  A large red arboreal is turning nervous loops while talking to a blue terran.  Suddenly, a hush falls over the crowd and a dark form comes from the cave.

The old red arboreal Kailan flaps from the cave with great dignity and poise and alights on his boulder overlooking the line of shrapes.

*Shrapes, you belong to one of the most varied and unique clutches the Realm has seen thus far.  From far away lands and places, you have gathered here today for a very important step.  Today you will receive a magical object and receive your breath weapon.  With this, you will become full Bishen, and take your place among our proud clan.*  He pauses and looks over the shrapes, carefully gazing at each one.  Finally, his gaze falls on the moonstone female.

*Clarinet, come forward,* he says and the shrape comes forward gracefully.  *You have grown well, as I was sure you would.  Your intelligence is great, and you have seen places that many only hear of in stories.  To you, I give this Vision Gem.  It will allow you to feel the future when the fates allow.  Also, it gives you the ability to shoot bolts of energy with your gaze.  Use it with care.*

Clarinet takes her gem with pride, winking at a bright-eyed girl in the crowd.  *Dormo, come forward,* the Kailan says, and one of the blue marine twins slithers forward, glancing at her sister nervously. *To you, I give this Electric Amulet. It allows you to create surges of electricity at will. Do be careful with it near the water, dear.*

Dormo takes the amulet gently in her mouth and settles back into line. *Now Dulcet, come forward.*  The Kailan commands, and Dormo's twin moves forward, sitting up with poise in front of the Kailan.  *Dulcet, you have great potential and care.  I give you this Water Drop Gem.  With it, you can control the currents and the movement of water.  It will be of great use to you in the future, so guard it well.*

The marine bishen happily moves back to nudge her sister.  The Kailan examines the line of shrapes and continues.  *Yoake, step forward.*  A blue terran female moves forward a few steps and gazes up at the Kailan.  *You have many fine qualities, Yoake, not the least of which is your connection to your surroundings.  I give you the Rain Song Stone.  With it, you can sing to bring rain, and use a high-pitched call to stun your foes.  Use it wisely.*

Yoake moves back into line happily, and the Kailan calls, *Devgan, come forward.*  A blue arboreal flits forward and, just as he is about to land, tumbles head over tail to land in a lump in front of the Kailan.  There are a few gasps and a few giggles as the shrape gets up and shoots a confident grin towards his laughing bondmate.  The Kailan's eyes twinkle with laughter and he shakes his head in a fatherly manner before speaking.  *Devgan, from the beginning, you have been able to see things for what they truly are.  You are not fooled by acts and illusions.  To you, I give the Clarity Crystal, so that your vision may always remain clear and true and so that you will always be able to see the world the way it really is.*

Devgan takes his crystal and returns to the line.  Almost immediately, the Kailan says, *Ashureii, come forward.*  A small green terran female adorned with flowers and covered with dirt from feet to knees trots forward.  *You, Ashureii, love the garden more than almost anything.  Therefore, I give you this Growth Pillar, so that you will always be able to have a tall and productive garden, even in the worst of soils.  Use it well.*

Ashureii takes her object and returns to line, smiling.  *Selene, come forward,* the Kailan says.  A green arboreal female comes forward slowly and quietly.  *Selene, you have grown up someplace magical and it has forever embedded itself in your manner and ways.  To you, I present this Cloud Marble.  It will allow you to create, shape, and control the clouds, so that you may make anywhere you roam as magical as your home.*  At this, the twins and Devgan giggle slightly and get a stern look from Jarod.  The Kailan however, seems pleased.  Selene takes her object and returns to the line.

*Alucinor, come forward.*  The Kailan watches as a green arboreal male soars forward with a bit too much gusto and does a quick loop, barely avoiding a head-on collision with the boulder.  The shrape flushes and ducks his head, murmuring an apology.  *Alucinor, you have great skill and endurance.  You are eager to explore entire worlds with your bondmate.  I give you this Wayward Arrowhead.  All you need to do is name a place, and this arrowhead will point your way.  May you never become lost and always have the wind at your back.*  Alucinor gasps joyously and gives a wide-eyed stare to his bondmate before returning to line with his arrowhead.

*Amon'Ra, come forward,* the Kailan says to the last shrape, a brilliant red arboreal.  She stands stock still for a second, making the entire crowd draw in a breath, before rising up effortlessly to hover in front of the Kailan.  Behind her, in the crowd, Bréyan, Talia and Keisne stand, familiar faces at the Realm.  The Kailan stares at Amon'Ra a long moment before speaking.  *You, Amon'Ra, have been named aptly, so it seems.  I give you a Sun Gem.  This gem allows you to harness the powers of the sun and to create rays of light in the strength you desire, ranging from dim and warm to white-hot.  Use this gem with great care, young one.*  The Kailan bows to Amon'Ra, and she returns his bow with a solemn air.  She takes the Sun Gem and returns to the line.

*After all our kind has been through, it is good to see this healthy clutch.  Joy and laughter are once again returning to our clan,* the Kailan says, looking at the twins and Devgan, who smile back at him.  *Congratulations, for you are all now Bishen.  Go, live and grow, both wisely and well!*  The Kailan pronounces, and the new bishen all cheer.  Quickly, they run to join their bondmates and friends.

Clarinet moves to see Sandry and Tren, grinning.  Pierre dashes after them as they move away, shouting, *Clarinet, wait up!*

Meanwhile, the twins, Dormo and Dulcet, are excitedly jumping around a panda morph, who is crying with joy while her comrades look on.

Alucinor his babbling non-stop to Quis, while Devgan and Yoake chat together with their bondmates nearby.  Selene has already melted into the crowd, disappearing quietly as she arrived.  Ashureii is talking with Keisne and Amon'Ra as they move off.  Soon, the crowd is dispersed, and the Third Shantel has come to an end.
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