The Tale of the Machesri Knights

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On a world that had long since turned away from the magical and mythical, a pair of Machesri Bishel dragons arrived.  The male, Dairal, was a skilled metalsmith, and the female, Krina, was his mate, a scholar and explorer.  It was Krina who had decided to use the magical portal by which they left their home world, following in the footsteps of other pioneers.  They planned to travel and explore what the new world had to offer.  Unfortunately, the fact that dragons were not normal fare made things more difficult.  After a few unpleasant encounters, they were forced to travel in hiding from the large human population.  It was then they discovered that they were not the only mythical creatures living in the shadows.  The world was rife with demons, evil spirits, and every manner of dark inhabitant.  The dragons believed it was because most of the world had moved on and forgotten to guard against such things.  Clearly, this new world needed warriors.

Dairal and Krina journeyed for many years, during which they explored, learned, and fought against the darkness where they could.  Eventually, they settled down underneath a large city, where the evil seemed the greatest.  They joined the few good warriors they could find there, some human, a few not, in the fight against the growing darkness.  In his spare time, Dairal began work on an elaborate suit of armor, and Krina studied the history of their new world, delighting in where it differed greatly from the world they had left behind.

Eventually, Krina bore a clutch of nine eggs.  As their children grew, the pair raised them to be warriors, knights of the light.  Of course, the young dragons also had additional education of the street smart sort from their parents' associates.  When they were old enough, they were given objects collected from various sources in the magical community.  The siblings helped defend the denizens of the city from the forces of darkness.

After some years, it became clear that the city was too small for eleven dragon warriors.  The siblings began squabbling amongst themselves and carelessly risking exposure to the city's human population.  Their parents knew something needed to be done.  One day, Dairal and Krina presented each of the siblings with one piece of the suit of armor Dairal had created.  He and Krina told their children to go out into the world and fight the darkness.  They could always come home if they needed help, but they no longer were to dwell in the city.  So, the nine children went out into the world.  They are known as the Machesri Knights.
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This story could one day become a legend among Bishel dragons.
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