The Seventh Shantel

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Clutch: Machesri Clutch 7: Juliette [mc12f] & Kashi [mc29m]

It is officially time for the next Shantel, and the Realm Centre is as busy as ever. The shrapes have all arrived already for once, and they all await eagerly for the Kailan to arrive. Jarod, meanwhile, is hovering nearby, wearing a fine trailing cape and looking rather miffed.

*These wonderful gifts for Christmas, and for once they're all well behaved...* He mutters.

Athena, who is sitting nearby, smirks at him. *Perhaps they are well behaved because you are wearing the cape and the horn and carrying a staff,* she points out. She is wearing her Forest Crown for this special occassion.

*Perhaps,* Jarod says, *but they seemed very well behaved when they got here.*

It's true. The four shrapes are quietly chatting, with an occasionally whistle of laughter breaking through. Around the group stand their bondmates, also chatting with each other. Their parents are with them too, and looking at the composed grace of Juliette and the happy grin Kashi has on, it's easy to see where they get their good humor and graces from. Meanwhile, Pierre and Indyana are no where in sight for once. There are many other dragons from the Realm present, however, and Tr'ynka Valae is there, laying on the ground near Jarod and Athena.

*He certainly takes his dear time,* Tr'ynka Valae observes, speaking of the Kailan. As though overhearing him, the Kailan suddenly notifies Jarod that he is ready. Jarod gives the horn around his neck a proud glance.

*At least I can put this to use,* he says, picking it up and blowing through it. It releases a trumpeting noise that seems to echo into itself. The shrapes look up and carefully move into a line up front. *I didn't even tell them to do that,* Jarod says, looking disappointed. Athena chuckles.

*You simply can't win,* she says, teasing him. *You should be happy that our grandshrapes are so well mannered.* Jarod smiles and they move a bit closer to watch the proceedings.

The Kailan swoops up to the rock and settles in, surveying the shrapes. *They do look rather well behaved,* he observes privately to Jarod, who nods. After a few moments of silence, the Kailan begins. *Welcome children of Juliette and Kashi. Over time, we have all watched you grow and awaited your return to our clan. You have all grown into talented shrapes who will most likely do much more in the future. Now, you will receive your magical objects and become full Bishen. Toshida, come forward.*

A Pale Blue shrape slithers forward, he is wearing a hat to protect his eyes from the brighter light of day, as he has come from a Realm where only moonlight shines. The Kailan continues. *To you, Toshida, I give the Glass Swan. It gives its user grace and silence, allows them to glow brightly to temporarily blind their enemies, and gives them the power of ice crystal breath. Use it well.*

Toshida takes his object and slips back into line, placing it carefully in from of himself and curling his tail around it.

The Kailan turns his gaze to the next shrape in line, an odd Mountain Haze female with long fangs. *Mjollnir, come forward.* She steps forward, staring at the Kailan. *To you, Mjollnir, I give the Mist Stone Pendant. It aids the user in controlling fog and mist and gives them the breath weapon of Vapor Flame, a stream of purple fire. It is also rumored that some more advanced users can use this stone to disappear entirely. Use this to protect yourself and your family, and you will never go wrong.*

Mjollnir approaches the rock, and the Kailan slips the pendant around her neck. She moves back into line, where her Red brother cranes his neck to look at it curiously. *Nimbus, come forward,* the Kailan projects, interrupting his scrutiny.

The Arboreal shrape, who has strange black wing membranes and back scales, flutters up to the rock. *To you, CumuloNimbus I will give this Lava Stone. The stone allows its user the breath weapon of fireball, and gives the more advanced user the ability to create the Black Rain attack, which only an arboreal can carry out. It summons up clouds of ash where the user flies and blocks out the sun. These clouds cause hot, black rain to fall. Use this weapon only in times of great need, and keep the courage and honor of your clan alive.*

Nimbus takes his stone and soars back into line, where it is Mjollnir's turn to stare at him.

*Itsu, come forward,* the Kailan says to the last shrape, a Green Terran female. She walks forward to stand in front of him. *To you, Itsu, I give the Frozen Bloom. This crystallized image will grow flowers in winter and snow, and it gives its user the power to summon sunlight, even at night, although this is a bit more difficult. It can also stop plants in their growth, allowing them to remain at a particular stage for quite some time. Use this wisely.*

Itsu takes her crystal and steps back into line. All the shrapes watch the Kailan expectantly.

*Go now, our children, for your are now full Bishen. May happiness and adventure wait for you.* The Kailan nods and soars down from the rock, going over to meet with Tr'ynka Valae. The shrapes break from line and rush to meet their bondmates, who erupt in excited cheers and grins. The dragons from the Realm mingle in, congratulating the new Bishen. It is now that Indyana and Pierre appear, stopping to talk to the dragons and their bondmates. Thus, the Seventh Shantel ends and another clutch of Bishel Dragons joins the Machesri Clan.
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