The Second Shantel

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Clutch: Machesri Clutch 2: Athena [mc01f] & Jarod [mc00m]

On this day, all the children from Athena and Jarod's first clutch have come back to Bishen Realm. It is time for their Shantel! Before the ceremony, Athena and Jarod walk around, visiting each of their children, now grown shrapes. Some of them they haven't seen since they were eggs. They listen to the lovely Juliette's tales of volcanos and magic. Keisne tells them about his life with the girl they had chosen to be his bondmate. Vienaguo, who has become a fine marine shrape, tells his parents about the huge mountains he lives in and shows them a few of the tricks he has learned. Atlan sticks very close to his bondmate, Faay. He doesn't speak much, but his parents know this is just his way. Mya, who has been living with her father Jarod and her bondmate Sianne, visits some of her arboreal siblings, chatting to them about flying. Tuzkigyo, now a strong red arboreal shrape, circles the area a few times, eager to get back to his ship and his bondmate and excited for the ceremony to begin. Finally, Jarod tells his children to line up. The Realm becomes silent as the Kailan glides from his cave and perches on his customary rock. He examines the shrapes and gives a nod to their parents, who are standing off to the side, beaming with pride.

*Welcome, children of Athena and Jarod. Today is your Shantel. You will receive your magical object, which will allow you to use your breath weapon. Today, you will become Bishen, and full members of your clan.* He rustles his wings slightly. *Vienaguo, come forward.*

Vienaguo slides forward, taking his place before the Kailan.

*You, young one, have already embraced your water habitat, learning to master it. I present you with this Coral Shell. With it, you can call the very waves of the water. It also gives you the breath weapon of salt blast, a powerful weapon against one's enemies. Use it wisely.*

Vienaguo takes the shell carefully in his mouth, his smile showing around the edges as he returns to his place in line. The Kailan once again examines the shrapes. *Atlan, come forward.*

The arboreal shape soars forward silently, hardly even disturbing the air around him as he lands in front of the Kailan.

*You, Atlan, shall receive an Air Drop. This object will allow you to ride the air with ease. Also, it allows you to breath blasts of wind. Use it well, young one.*

Atlan takes his object and then flies back to the line, landing close to his frail bondmate. *Keisne, come forward,* the Kailan calls. Keisne takes his place in front of the Kailan quickly, holding his head up proudly.

*You, Keisne, have a peaceful and nurturing nature. I present you with a Spring Orb. This object gives you the power to inspire growth and spring weather in the area around you. However, use it sparingly. It is a great responsibility to be able to change the seasons around you. I know you will use it well.*

Keisne takes his Spring Orb with a secret smile, giving a glance to his bondmate, an energetic girl with bright eyes. The Kailan looks over the line before finally announcing, *Mya, come forward.* Mya spreads her wings and sails quickly over, landing with a quick flutter. Jarod gives her a proud smile.

*You, Mya, have a soul that is both arboreal and marine in nature, no doubt from your parents' heritages. From this dual nature, you have much power. I present you with the Air Torrent Stone. With this stone, you will be able to breath underwater if you wish, a skill that is inherent in marine types, but which you, as an arboreal, lack. Also, the stone allows you to use any simple breath weapons involving air or water. Use this stone with pride and care.*

Jarod and Athena, to the side, exchange happy looks. Mya takes her gift slowly, in awe of the wonderful stone she has received. She flies back into line in a daze. The Kailan pauses but a moment before calling, *Juliette, come forward.* The graceful shrape steps forward and raises her eyes to the Kailans.

*You, Juliette, have been blessed with both outer and inner beauty. To you, I give a Spark Stone. This stone represents not only your fiery nature, but also your spirit. It allows you to breath flames and to sense the energy of anyone around you. Use it to help others.*

Juliette takes her magical stone and walks lightly back into line. *Finally, Tuzkigyo, come forward.* Tuzkigyo moves to land in front of the Kailan, sitting up as straight as he can and trying to look confident to hide his excitement. The Kailan looks him over before speaking.

*You, Tuzkigyo, have developed skills which many Bishen have never even imagined. You are working on starships, and will travel farther than any of our kind has ever before. I give you a gift that will not only protect you in your travels but also will aid you. This is an Obsidian Mass.*

At this, there is a stirring and murmur in the crowd of Bishen gathered for the Shantel. Athena and Jarod exchange surprised looks. Obsidian is a very powerful stone, given only to a chosen few. Tuzkigyo's mother, Athena, holds a similar object, a powerful Onix Pendant. The Kailan gives an annoyed look to the crowd, waiting for them to quiet. Tuzkigyo swallows and gives a nervous look to his bondmate. The Kailan continues.

*This Obsidian Mass is a very powerful tool indeed. It allows you to breath fire as hot and bright as the fires that rage in volcanoes themselves. It also allows you to stand great heat and light. May this object protect you in your travels, young Tuzkigyo, and may you one day return to us and share your knowledge.* The Kailan nods to Tuzkigyo, who shakily takes his object, examining it as he goes back to the line of his siblings.

*You now are full Bishen,* the Kailan says, addressing the line. *Go and prosper. Use your gifts to help and to aid. Make our clan proud.* With that, he nods again to Athena and Jarod and leaves. The Second Shantel is over.
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