The Ninth Shantel

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Clutch: Machesri Clutch 9: Commission Dragons
Additional Shrapes: Olena [mc56f] and Adrik [mc57m]

Written by CMCricket

The din at the Realm was almost deafening as Mjollnir, Pierre, Jarod and Athena gazed upon half of the wild ninth clutch, trying to figure out exactly what it was they were going to do. Two Green Terran shrapes wrestled, battling one another with dull squeals and a clamor of telepathic argument. A Black Terran-Arboreal stood close to her bondmate, looking skeptically at the other dragons with a snarl plastered upon her face and lashing her heavily-spined tail in apprehension. She growled at a Moonstone Terran male who had bounded up to them, a red feather dangling from one of his horns, and he took this as a hint to bound elsewhere, namely up to a Terran-Marine Mountain Haze who was lounging in the fountain, splashing his tail in the cool water. On the other side of the fountain, a pair of Marines: one Black and one White, sat in silence, entwined around one another, just taking everything in.

All in all, the chatter was reaching a deafening level, and the Black's stare and growl got that much more vicious by the minute. Mjollnir finally stepped forward in an attempt to take the reins on this before it possibly got any more out of control than it could. The Greens were really going at it now. One of them was attempting to run away, but the other had his twin by the tail and was dragging him back and forth in the grass, giggling maniacally.

*Ahem?..* Mjollnir said as loudly as she could. The Mountain Haze looked over at her from in the water and the Black perked her head up, her gaze softening a bit. The Marine pair turned as if awaiting further instruction. Other than that, Mjollnir went pretty much unheard. With a sigh and a glance back to the others, she opened her mouth and let a blazing purple ball of flame sizzle upward, gradually dissipating into the air with a faint *psssst*. This got the attention of the others: having the sun momentarily blocked out by purple light, and everyone stopped. Athena slithered forward, blinking obsidian eyes.

*Good, good... Now, if the shrapes could just line up before this rock, we could get started.*

The Mountain Haze was first, leaping from the fountain with a flourish and a splash to waddle to where Athena stood. The Black was next, looking unsurely back to her bondmate before stepping next to the Haze, smiling a little blankly at Mjollnir as if the concept was foreign to her. The Moonstone fell into line, wriggling excitedly as if there were bugs crawling all over him. The Green twins brought up the end, one of them clearly the victor of their little squabble, judging by the other who had dirt and grass clumps clinging to his back scales and dirt smeared on his face.

The Kailan, sensing the quiet and organization outside, stretched his ragged wings and soared out to his ceremonial rock, landing with a graceful flutter. His aged eyes coursed the shrapes before him, a faint smile on his face at being here and able to introduce another fine group into becoming full Bishen.

*Greetings and welcome to this Shantel of half of Clutch Nine at Bishen Realm. A very special one, indeed. Each and every one of you here is the physical manifestation of a wish, a hope, a dream. Whether it be that of yours or your bondmates, it was granted and came to be in the form of a Bishel Dragon, and now you are here to pass into becoming full-fledged Bishen, capable of much and receiving your magical object and power in hopes that you will put it to good use in all of your exploits.*

He bowed his head and turned first to the Black male with his heavy spines.

*Adrik, come forward.*

Adrik obeyed, giving the White marine a gentle nuzzle before slithering up to the rock, gazing up like a soldier at attention, though his eyes were soft and full of admiration. *Adrik, you have received the Icy Tower. With it, you will be able to use the breath weapon of cold air or water, and be able to freeze anything you touch. Take this and use it well.*

Adrik bowed as he took the Icy Tower gently in his mouth, slithering back to the White with the blue mane.

*Olena, come forward.*

The White's head snapped up as if caught by surprise, and she nervously slithered forward to rest in front of the Kailan, holding her horned head high to face him and tossing slightly to clear some wispy locks of blue from her eyes.

*Olena, you have received the Pearl Orb. It will enable you to have a breath weapon of paralyzing mist, as well as the ability to heal and ease the pain of those around you. I know you will put it to good use.*

Olena wrapped herself around the orb and bowed her thanks, slithering back in line to rest next to Adrik. The Kailan's eyes browsed the shrapes once more.

*Julian.* he said, focusing on one of the twins. They regarded one another for a moment, and the one covered in grass with the dirt smudge on his nose stepped forward, sitting meekly and swishing his tail nervously. *Your gentle and healing spirit will put this item to a much suited purpose. It is the Healer's Pendant. It allows the breath weapon of sleep-inducing song, as well as allows you to heal any injury and regenerate plant growth. Take this and go forth.*

Julian bowed as the pendant was placed around his neck and gazed up at the Kailan with solemn eyes shining with thanks as he made his way back to the line, where the Kailan gazed at the other twin with a sparkle in his eye.

*Justin, come forth.*

Justin, a little more boisterous than his timid brother, bounced forward, sitting very informally and staring up at the Kailan, head cocked and a smile on his face. The Kailan paused and shook his head before speaking.

*I know you will use this well and only as necessary, Justin. I hope, anyway. It is the Heart Stone. It will give you the breath weapon of Deafening Roar, which is able to cause others great pain, as well as the abilities to create earthquakes and shatter objects. Take this and please use it well.*

Justin surprisingly stood and bowed deep, taking the stone on his mouth and trotting back to where his brother stood. The Kailan's eyes wandered to the Terran-Arboreal Black who was cringing a bit to avoid being touched by the shrape next to her.

*Liliha?* he said. Liliha flinched at the sound of her name and looked up at the Kailan with somewhat fearful eyes. She pattered forward, flexing her wings and looked up at him with an immeasurable amount of respect, the likes of which never seen before from her. *Liliha, despite what faith the world has left, I do believe there is still an ounce of something good left in you. For this reason, I trust you with the Obsidian Storm Bracelets. These will grant you a breath weapon of deep red fire, hot enough to set most materials on fire and possibly even to incinerate them. It also gives ability to create black storms capable of throwing the land into darkness accompanied by wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. Take these and use them well.*

Liliha blinked and stepped forward, taking the rings in her mouth with an acknowledging nod, never breaking eye contact as she walked back to the line just a little more regal than she'd gone.

The Moonstone started dancing excitedly, fidgeting, knowing his turn was near. The Kailan smiled warmly and nodded. *Emmanuel. Come forward.*

Ah, there it was. The Moonstone rushed forward, twitching with excitement, looking up at the Kailan and practically quaking in pride and excitement. *Your exploits have proven you worthy of the Sea Stone. It will allow you the breath weapon of Strong Torrent. It creates a torrent of sea water, as well as allowing you to breathe underwater and have rough control over ocean waves and currents.*

Emmanuel tried to stand still as he stepped up and accepted the stone with a very breathy *Thank you!*, heading back to line. The Terran-Marine Mountain Haze stood up a little straighter, knowing he was the one to bring up the rear.


He stepped forward on webbed feet, gentle and solemn eyes meeting those of the Kailan, who had seen everything in his years alive. He regarded the other with a nod of finality.

*You have been a beam of light to your bondmate. And in return, you receive the Twilight Pillar. It provides the breath weapon of blinding light, creating a twilight spectrum of lights to confuse enemies and eventually render them unconscious. Also, even in the middle of the day, it will allow you to surround yourself in dim twilight.*

Radzimierz smiled and gently took the Pillar in his mouth and gazed at the Kailan before making his way back to the others.

The Kailan fluttered his wings and looked upon the shrapes before him, puffing out his chest and smiling.

*Go forth, shrapes into full Bishen. Take your place in the clan, and continue on your journeys of self-exploration, courage, and the like. And remember that no matter where you go or what you do, the eyes of your clan are watching over you, giving you strength when you have none. Go free, young Bishen.*

And with that, he dropped from his rock, opened his wings and coasted back into his cave. Immediately, the formally of the Shantel was broken, and it was seemingly over as quickly as it had begun. Jarod, Athena, Pierre and Mjollnir stood with Indyana, watching as the shock wore off and the new Bishen realized what exactly had just happened.

*Half down and half to go.* Pierre said with a nod and a smile. *I'm glad we decided to do it like this. No way that many shrapes could possibly stay still long enough to do this right.*

The others nodded in agreement as they watched the Bishen excitedly running around again as they had been, showing their new objects to their bondmates and comparing with one another. And thus ends half of the ninth Shantel.
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