The First Shantel

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Clutch: Machesri Clutch 1: Wild

There is excitement in the air as Bishel Dragons from all over come to the Realm for the first Shantel.  This is an important event.  The first clutch ever adopted out at Bishen Realm is going to become full Bishen.  The crowd of dragons turns to watch the five shrapes, who have lined up in front of the Kailan's cave.

A few of the shrapes fidget back and forth.  One blue arboreal is doing loops in the air.  Suddenly, a hush falls over the Realm as the Kailan steps out of his cave.

He is an old arboreal dragon.  His once red hide has faded into a deep mahogany color with years of wind and sun.  His wings show proud battle scars from his years of leading his clan.  He sails slowly and gracefully over to a tall rock outside the cave and perches there, looking carefully at the young shrapes before him.  Raising his head, he begins speaking.

*Shrapes, you have gathered here today for a very important step.  Today you will receive a magical object and receive your breath weapon.  With this, you will become full Bishen, and take your place among our proud clan.*  The Kailan pauses as if listening to a far off voice.  *Ryo-tsu, come forward!*

A strong, blue marine male moves across the ground carefully to sit before the Kailan.  The Kailan examines him for a few minutes.

*You, young Ryo-tsu, will receive a Water Gem.  This gem gives you the power of bubble spray.  This weapon can hide you from enemies and is also a physical attack, pushing back those who pursue you.  Use it well!*  The Kailan moves his wings, and a small blue orb appears before Ryo-tsu, who takes it and moves back into the line of shrapes.

*Fire-Wings, come forward!*  The Kailan calls, and a blue arboreal female steps a few feet on shaky wings to sit before him.  *Fire-Wings, you will receive a Heat Globe.  This stone gives you the power to blast hot air, and it can be used both as a weapon and a tool.  Use it wisely.*  Fire-Wings takes her gem and proudly moves back in line.

*Now Juea, come forward!*  The blue arboreal male that had been sailing loops before the Kailan's arrival leaps into the air and twirls a loop before settling down in front of the Kailan.  The Kailan seems to smile to himself.  *To you, energetic one, I give a rare stone called the Slip Quartz.  With this magical stone, you can travel in and out of the very fabric of reality.  Beware, however, for this stone is very powerful.  Use it with caution.*  Juea takes the brilliant stone in his mouth and, turning up into the air, gives a joyous spin to a girl standing near the back of the crowd.  She seems happy and waves to the new Bishen.

*Naturail, come forward!*  The Kailan waits as a young green terran female walks gracefully forward.  *You shall receive a very special stone called a Mist Globe.  With this globe, you can call up mist and fog, which allows you to hide yourself and objects from enemies and hunters.  Also, the stone gives you the ability to see through mist easily.*  Naturail carefully cradles the stone and moves back to the group of growing Bishen.

*Lastly, Zulda, come forward.*  A second green terran female moves lightly to stand before the older dragon.  He looks at her and smiles.  *You are talented already with growing, so I will give you an object that increases your natural ability even more.  This Garden Gem will allow you to heal sick plants and encourage growth in anything you breath on.  Use it well.*  Zulda takes her gem and proudly shows it to an odd-looking woman in the audience, who gives her a hand signal of some kind.

*Congratulations, for you are all now Bishen.  Go, live and grow, both wisely and well!*

With that, the Kailan slowly sails back into his cave and the Shantel has ended.  The Bishen travel back to their bondmates.
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