The Eighth Shantel

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Clutch: Machesri Clutch 8: Gunnhild [mc33f] & Devgan [mc17m]

The Eighth Shantel was about to begin as the five shrapes from Devgan and Gunnhild's clutch sat and chatted with one another nervously. It certainly was going to be a Shantel to remember, being the first to welcome Divine Bishen into the Machesri clan. Mjollnir skittered in nervously and joined Athena and Jarod.

*Good timing, Mjollnir.* Athena said, smiling at the Mountain Haze Terran female. *We were just about ready to begin.*

Mjollnir smiled and waved in greeting, taking in a deep breath in preparation. Jarod patted her on the shoulder comfortingly.

*You'll do just fine.* He projected to her.

Mjollnir stepped forward and cleared her "voice".

*Excuse me,* she said timidly, raising a clawed paw. That didn't arouse much attention, as many of the shrapes didn't hear her and went on excitedly chatting about what was to come. Narain, the only shrape who had heard her, sat at her feet, looking up at her with shiny black eyes and awaiting further instruction.

*Pardon me!* She tried again, a little more loudly than she had intended to. Five sets of surprised eyes turned her was as she winced apologetically.

*We're about ready to start the Shantel,* she said as the five Bishel Dragons gathered around her. *Okay, um, let's see how we want to do this. Okay, bondmates and friends right here toward the back, and.. oh.. how about shrapes right about here where we're standing.*

Everybody obeyed, and there was much shuffling of bodies as they got into position. The Kailan nodded to Mjollnir from inside his cave, and she nodded to the shrapes and then to Jarod and Athena. The Kailan swooped out of his cave and flared his wings gently to land on the ceremonial rock. He looked over the shrapes one by one, smiling. Finally, with a raise of his regal head, the Shantel began.

*Welcome, children of Devgan and Gunnhild. This is truly a special time for our clan, as we are here to welcome the first influx of Divine Bishen to full Bishel Dragon-hood. Ira, please come forward.*

A Blue Arboreal male with sharp spines like his mother flitted forward, gazing up at the Kailan with black liquid eyes.

*Ira, to you, I give the Trumpet Piece. It allows you to use the breath weapon of Serene Song, which lulls any creature in the vicinity into a deep and peaceful sleep. In more advanced users, it may be used to emit a temporarily deafening sound.*

The Kailan slipped the Trumpet Piece around Ira's neck, and the new Bishen moved quietly back to his clutch mates, where they all looked in wonder at Ira's object until the Kailan summoned the next Bishel.

*Eliya, please come forward.*

The Aquamarine Divine Arboreal-Marine female looked surprised for a moment before slithering to the rock, using her small wings to balance. He seemed to smile at her with his eyes before speaking.

*I understand that you don't often get time to stop and look at the sky as often as you'd like to. Take the Hands of Time. It grants you the ability Slo-Down, which allows you to slow down time in your immediate vicinity.*

Eliya graciously took the gears in her mouth and slithered back to the group. Kazimir strained to look at his sister's gift until his name was called.


The Ruby Divine Arboreal shrape jumped in surprise, and then flitted in front of the Kailan's rock. The Kailan presented him with a mirrored orb.

*Kazimir, to you I present the Reflective Orb. It grants you the ability Charm. Any creature with ill intent toward you will be overtaken by your charm and become unwilling to attack.*

Kazimir balanced the orb carefully between his wings as he returned to the group.

*Narain, come forward.*

The Blue Arboreal looked back to his bondmate, Chandra, who gave him a comforting "go on" motion. Gazing at the Kailan, he came forward, cocking his head and looking long at the elder Bishen.

*Narain, I present to you the Ice Shawl. The wearer of it will have the ability to breathe ice and in more advanced users: manipulate temperature and create intricate ice sculptures at will.*

Narain lowered his head as the Ice shawl was placed over it. He beamed at the Kailan until he realized it was time to go back to the group.

*Lunibré.* The Kailan said, looking hard at the Golden Divine Arboreal with the silver back spines. Lunibré boldly slithered forward and smiled, shaking gently. This was the moment he'd waited for all his life .

*Lunibré, you receive the Pinwheel of Summoning. A gentle blow of this pinwheel will unleash your breath weapon, Fury. A short but intense storm will ensue. Use this gift wisely.*

Luni gazed in wonder as he wrapped his tail around the stick of the pinwheel and brought it up to his face.

*Go forth, for you are now full Bishen. Be careful and may peace and prosperity come your way.* The Kailan smiled, looking over the new Bishen before turning and gliding back into his cave. Mjollnir grinned and sighed a sigh of relief as she went to mingle with her cousins and their bondmates, and to share in their excitement of having undergone their Shantel.

*A job well done.* Pierre said to Mjollnir, standing off to the side with Indyana. She smiled at him and nodded.

*Well done by all,* she said.
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