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Shyla [mc102f]

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A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Shyla
ID#: mc102f
Description: Machesri Pale Blue Terran-Marine Female
Bondmate: Morgandy O'Callaghan
Mutations: Pale color variant, Terran-Marine hybrid type (two stunted front legs), double back scales
Special Characteristics: Scars
Magical Objects: Searing Horns
Searing HornsSearing Horns
These horn coverings provide light, which can be dimmed or brightened as needed.  They also allow the dragon to shoot a blast of searing flame from its horns and grant it a fiery breath weapon.

  • Searing Horns: With practice, these could allow her to develop defensive fire magic.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 3: Halloween Clutch 2006

Notes: As a Terran-Marine hybrid, this female spends most of her time in the shallows near the island's coast and occasionally ventures onto land.  Unfortunately, she isn't very fast on land, and as a result, she has several scars from where humans have struck her with arrows as she fled from them.  She only ventures out at night and hides in the safety of the forest.  She often watches the ceremonies and celebrations of humans.  Her interest in religion and belief is part of her profession.
This dragon is an eremite.  She follows the teachings of Kynadtuli, Bishel God of wisdom, magic, composure, peace, and intelligence.  She is required to remain separated from her Clan and spend her days in quiet contemplation.  The braided kelp tie she wears around her muzzle symbolizes her days of silence and fasting.  It also symbolizes peace (bound jaws cannot open wide enough to use a breath weapon).  Though her devotion, she hopes to gain insight and knowledge.  Someday, when she is ready, she may return to her people and share what she has learned.  Until then, she continues her study of the world and its inhabitants.


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