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Shamaunij [mc134f] - Wyrm Stage

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.  Bishel dragons are growing adoptions earned by submitting art or writing for each stage.

Want to adopt your own?  Watch BishenRealm for the next available clutch.

Dragon: Shamaunij
ID#: mc134f
Description: Machesri Nightsky Female Wyrm
Bondmate: Anand
Adopter: ixris ( Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Clutch: Machesri Clutch 14: Wild

Wyrm Notes: Introducing the first Nightsky Bishel dragon!  This little girl's scales only contain white stars at the moment.

Nightsky Color Information:  Nightsky dragons are a uniform, inky black.  Their hides and scales absorb light and reflect very little, making them deep black, even in broad daylight.  Moving reflections of space elements, such as stars, nebulae, and planets populate their back and belly scales.  Each dragon has its own set of celestial bodies that travel through its scales, although the contents can change as the dragon grows.  Nightsky dragons are inspired by the void and the dark energy moving through it.  They can develop powers relating to teleportation and repelling objects.  Some also explore phasing through matter, time, or space.  These dragons need lots of space and do not feel comfortable staying planetside for long.  Many also suffer from claustrophobia or, at the very least, hate feeling confined.


Past Stages
Machesri Female Egg (Current Version) by indyana

This image is only available for use by the Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adopter to whom this dragon belongs.  No one else is granted any rights to use this image.
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Endara-Mae's avatar
Ooooo~ *_* She is so, so pretty, and so very dark! Those stars in her back and belly scales are gorgeous! I wonder if they'll also be in wing membranes(?), maybe(?), should she grow to be arboreal or a hybrid arboreal. I hope to one day be able to write a dragon story that inspires a new color; that's awesome! :D She is so lovely! Congrats, Lilu! Space Dragon! :dance:

Djose Kianga: *sneaks in and tosses a Girl Dragons in SPACE! club T-Shirt at the Nightsky wyrm* Pssst~ you should totally be our club president. ^_~
indyana's avatar
LOL  Djose sprang to mind today.  I love space dragons!  lethe-gray has several as well.

Thanks for the compliments.  As mentioned above, the more colors I create, the more difficult it gets to pinpoint the ones in between.  I have faith that you'll do it one of these days!
ixris's avatar
That's right!  Because **** (or is it ACTUALLY "Four Star"?) and Woodstock and their gang of roving Guide reporters have such a plush ride, I (somehow, wtf?) forgot that theirs were space!dragons, too.  Man, lethe-gray, originator of the Space Dragon franchise.  :heart:  Go you, Shard!
lethe-gray's avatar
lol Yeah, technically they're in the Caledrus, the much more stable and controlled version of the Heart of Gold. It's a research vessel.

Actually I have a couple *actually space* dragons too, ones which others have made for giveaways that are amazingly cool.… <-- love those.
ixris's avatar
Oh man, that white one!  (also the Gravity Wyrms!  I was around when those were getting passed out, but I had no idea where to put it, lol)

I couldn't remember the Caledrus' name, and I didn't want to misspeak.  :heart:  You know, more than I already do.  lol
lethe-gray's avatar
>_> you know I have that Chxalli / Mai clutch. >_> you know you want one.
ixris's avatar
LOLOLOL I probably do.  XD;

Remind me, because my nexus lore has always been super weak - the Chxalli are the crazy elemental fire spirits (like there was one for sodium, etc)?  (

also I have no idea what a Mai is...)
lethe-gray's avatar…

Signup's in the Giveaways thread at the Nexus >_>
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indyana's avatar
A little funny that no one's ever come close to triggering a space coloration when so many dragons have traveled on space ships.  I think the difference was all the time spent meditating on space (both actual meditation by characters and the constant theme of the black).

Plus, a lot of this is me trying to pick up on the dragon vibes. XD  Some dragons just scream certain colors at me.
ixris's avatar
I'm actually surprised it took so long, too.  I mean, how long has "Celestial" been synonymous with "SUPER EPIC SPACE DRAGON" in the really old dragon circles? (it was one of the colors for the glenns, I know that, and since 'indy made the glenns' was totally my reasoning for trying for a black and that worked, this theory TOTALLY holds water, lol [I know that is NOT actually how this works])

I am stupidly in love with how much the characters in this story cannot shut up about the black.  I mean, it's essentially like constantly talking about the weather.

I am now imagining you going "Okay, little egg, it's time to ha--" "REEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! RED WOMAN RED DO YOU HEAR ME REEEEDDDDDD!!!!!!!"
indyana's avatar
True story.


And Celestial is Bishen Realm canon, since Gratira and Aritarg are both Celestials.  Good luck unlocking that one, minions.  *snickers*
ixris's avatar

Oh MAAAAANNNNN @_______@
ixris's avatar
Maunij: *is given a t-shirt!?*  o_____O ........??
'Dara: *whisperwhisper - explain*
Maunij: OH!  n___n  ........... um....   maybe not president...?  but ... but thank you!

Man, I'm like "FREAKING MANTA RAY WINGS NEED TO HAPPEN HOW DO I DO THAT!?!?!"  lol  (I don't think that's a viable bishel mutation XD; )  I am freaking in love with her on the webpage.  Indy did a FANTASTIC job on the matte black thing.  :heart:  She just completely disappears except for her starglows.  I love it.  *___*
karimuffin's avatar
Her eyes are utterly gorgeous, as well as he belly scales. Ffff. She's so very cute! The way you shaded her kind of reminds me of the look of satin. I just want to pet her.
indyana's avatar
Thank you!  I was thinking about black velvet and the way it sucks in light as I was coloring her. :)
karimuffin's avatar
You did a fantastic job of mimicking black velvet. :heart: ... O_o how would her scales feel btw? Just idle curiosity.
indyana's avatar
In general, I imagine Machesri hide to feel solid and textured, sort of somewhere between skin and leather.  Her hide would probably feel a bit more textured or "grippy" than normal.  Same with the back and belly scales, which I imagine are a little harder and smoother on normal Machesri.
ixris's avatar
Do it.  Pet her.  She likes pettings.
karimuffin's avatar
XD I will. *petpet* Such a cutie.
ixris's avatar
maunij: n___n oh, okay, this is nice.  *streeeettttcccchh, be petted*
ixris's avatar
I have this to say right now:

indyana's avatar

Please enjoy your pitch black wyrm and your pitch black background.  Mua ha ha haaa.  XD

Realized I neglected to send you my awesome wyrm form letter. Let me know if you want it.
ixris's avatar
*AHEM* Now for a reply of actual!content:


(see. that was totally content. lol)

Shamaunij is up, and her stats are updated:… (or… for those who just want to find the stats page easily and see what I'm talking about. :D )  I totally made up backstories for her parents, because I am tired of having weird orphan-like dragons from wild clutches.  (looking at you, Benedict)  Tell me if you want me to knock that stuff off.  :heart:

There appears to be a typo in your description of Nightsky dragons?   Some also expore phasing through matter - did you perhaps mean 'explore'?

And two questions:

- Do her stars emit light of their own?  Like, would she have little pinpoints of bright light shining out of the shadows if she were sitting in a darkish room?

- Being a carbon-based (if MAGICAL) creature, she can't survive in space, can she?  We're going to have to find someone who can rig an EVA suit for this kid, aren't we?  lol
indyana's avatar
LOL  Yes, explore.

Yes, the stars emit light.  They move across her entire body BUT are only visible when on the belly and back scales, so often elements are out of view.  I've imagined that the dragons can control them with concentration and practice, so she could learn to "hide" them away from her scales and go dark (or, I suppose, push lots of stuff on to the scales and make them really bright?).

As a Nightsky, she has some natural resistance that she could develop.  For example, she could learn to repel the radiation/energy that would normally kill her.  She does have to breathe though, and the vacuum of space would be a problem.  A solution to that could be for her to learn to phase out and become incorporeal, but it would take a lot of practice indeed to maintain that for any length of time.  In the long run, some sort of space suit would be a lot less taxing.
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