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Ryuu [pc21m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.  Bishel dragons are growing adoptions earned by submitting art or writing for each stage.

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This dragon is inactive.

Dragon: Ryuu
ID#: pc21m
Description: Portal Ancient Japan Red Marine-Terran-Arboreal Male
Caretaker: Takahiro
Adopter: EndaraMae ( Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Mutations: Marine-Terran-Arboreal hybrid type (four stunted legs, two stunted wings)
Abilities/Attacks: Flight, Shriek of the Dragon, Fire Breath, Fire Magic, Water Torrent, Wind Blast
The ability to sustain flight by magical means
Shriek of the DragonShriek of the Dragon
a horrible cry, half screech and half roar, so loud that it can deafen and so fearsome that many enemies will become paralysed or senseless
Fire BreathFire Breath
a powerful breath attack of searing flames that can melt even metal and rock
Fire MagicFire Magic
This dragon can magically generate and control fire.
Water TorrentWater Torrent
A powerful breath attack of cold water, good for fighting elements weaker against water

  • Flight: He can fly at great speed.  The magic can also be transferred to anything he touches, allowing him to carry large burdens without much effort.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 6: Halloween Clutch 2008

This dragon is a member of an ancient Clan of Bishel Dragons long thought to be extinct.  Members of his Clan are usually Marine or Marine hybrids.  They all possess ear and tail fins.  At birth, the fins are dull, matching the dragon's hide.  When a shrape reaches maturity, its fins will change to more brilliant hues, indicating that it has become a Bishen.  The color of the Bishen's fins indicates its primary breath weapon.  Many dragons of this Clan develop magical flight capabilities when they become older; young dragons will stick to whatever element they feel most at home in, usually a body of water.  This Clan has an inherent skill with magic.  Many do not bother to hone their magic beyond flight and their first breath weapon, but for those who put in the effort, additional abilities are easy to pick up.  Males of this Clan have manes and beards; the females have only a mane or no hair at all.  The hair grows in as they mature; most have only a few tufts of hair when they first become Bishen.  Eye color varies, but most have colorful, cat-like eyes.  Though dragons of this Clan hatch small, only slightly larger than the size of a Machesri, they continue to grow for as long as they live.  The eldest can reach monstrous sizes.

This mature dragon is a rare tri-type.  He has a long, Marine body, but he also possesses stunted legs and wings.  He cannot walk; instead, he slithers when he chooses to move on land.  For larger distances, he usually flies or swims.  Although they are not capable of supporting his body, his legs are quite useful for grasping objects or slashing at enemies with his sharp talons.  Because he has lived for centuries, he has grown quite large (about 50 feet long).  This dragon's orange-yellow fins indicate he possesses fire breath, and his long mane and beard show that he is an older male.  This dragon has spent time developing magical abilities outside his initial breath weapon.  He has learned more control over fire, and he can produce breath weapons of water and wind.  With time, he could learn additional water and wind abilities.


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