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Rirn [pc20m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Rirn
ID#: pc20m
Description: Portal Tigerstrike Black Terran Male
Caretakers: The Survivors, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Adopter: ixris (Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Mutations: Bladed tail spine
Special Characteristics: Scars
Magical Objects: Brimstone Rings
Brimstone RingsBrimstone Rings
These rings give this dragon the ability to teleport in splashes of dark smoke.  Besides than the short bursts of smoke, a faint, surphurous scent may linger after, much like the smell of a struck match.  When appearing/disappearing, the dragon isn't completely solid, so it cannot be injured in the process of teleporting.  The dragon also doesn't have to worry about teleporting into a bad situation or a solid object.  It becomes aware of its surroundings before it fully materializes, and thus, it can redirect itself if it feels it will be in danger.  This means the dragon can safely attempt to teleport to places it has not seen or been before.  Short teleports are very easy; longer distances require more energy and thought.  Of course, targeting long-distance teleports will be difficult without proper reference points.
The Brimstone Rings also provide a fiery breath weapon.

Abilities/Attacks: Fire Slash, Strong Constitution, Zombie Tracking
Fire SlashFire Slash
Dragons with this ability can channel heat and fire through their claws or talons, allowing for a range of damaging attacks.
Strong ConstitutionStrong Constitution
This dragon is strong and healthy.  It is very resistant to infections and diseases, and if wounded, it heals quickly.
Zombie TrackingZombie Tracking
This dragon has a special talent for finding zombies, subconsciously zeroing in on the living dead.

  • Fire Slash: His most impressive attack creates a blade of heat and light following his claw slash that can cut through things like a high-powered laser.  He mostly uses these attacks for dismembering zombies and destroying their hiding places.
  • Strong Constitution: He can drive himself onward, even in the face of grave injuries.
  • Zombie Tracking: He likes to think he can smell the zombies, but the sense goes far beyond that.  He can find them even entire worlds away.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 6: Halloween Clutch 2008

Who knows what planet or universe he originally came from... This dragon has been gone from his Clan for a long time, and he has no plans to return.  For some reason, he has made a life mission of hunting zombies, and his search for prey has brought him to Pennsylvania, of all places.  He is vicious, fast, and ruthless in his destruction of all zombie creatures.  He usually avoids the living and travels alone.  He's spent so much time in the company of zombies that any amount of peace and quiet would drive him to paranoia.  Somewhere, zombies are attacking someone; he just knows it.

Like all dragons of his Clan, he has armor along his spine, belly, and the underside of his tail.  His claws and stripes are also characteristic of his Clan.  Tigerstrike dragons have reflective, night-vision eyes, though they vary in color.  Bright light can temporarily blind him.  He travels at night mainly and keeps to the shadows during the day.
This Portal's fighting style varies with the situation.  When fighting only a few zombies, he prefers to tear them apart or burn them before ensuring their final demise.  If he is faced with a larger group, he will put his teleportation skills to good use, moving so quickily that most of his enemies are decapitated before they can react.  Although he is often injured during his battles, he has never succumbed to any zombie infections.

Most of his energy is put toward finding and killing zombies, and this dragon has only explored some of his inherent magical abilities.  So far, he has developed his fiery claw attacks, but he could expand his fire magic even further.  He has not worked much on increasing his teleportation powers yet.  When he runs out of zombies in one place, he makes blind leaps that eventually lead him to more zombies.  Sometimes, these leaps cross great distances or even cause him to slide between worlds or universes.  These sporadic yet extreme transports suggest he has the potential for very powerful teleportation magic, if he could only learn to direct it.  His uncanny knack for finding more zombies to kill is an indication  that he could develop locational magic.  All these things would require more time spent on honing his magic, and he hasn't really had a reason thus far to put more effort into it.


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Dear, L,

Someday, please give me more zompocalypse dragon story.  At least assure me that Rirn was not killed by some rednecks in a liquor store.  Or else both Gratira and Aritarg start smiting Pennsylvania.

ixris's avatar

Dear Indy,

Rirn has actually been telling me a lot of things about his clan and why he goes by a numeric title instead of a real name.  He is quite alive and well and is pushing me to get other stuff done so he can talk to you about expanding the lore of his clan and potentially growing stronger and taking on the role of training a little one to follow in the path of those who came before him.

Hunters, man.  Hunters.