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Miwohada [pc08m] by indyana Miwohada [pc08m] by indyana
A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Miwohada
ID#: pc08m
Description: Portal Poisonblood Terran Male
Adopter: Dracogrex (Gold Star Parent by indyana)
Magical Objects: Bloodstone
This powerful object allows him power over the very lifeblood of his foes.  He can manipulate the flow of blood, which can be a horrible weapon.  His abilities can also be used to heal, however.  He can stop the flow of blood from a wound and cause it to clot.  He can also, with great effort, purify blood of toxins or infections.

Abilities/Attacks: Poison
This dragon's body produces poisonous substances.

  • Poison: He is very poisonous. His blood and saliva are poison, so if he bites anything or anything bites him, it will die (unless he chooses to cure it; see his magical object). Also, he has a secondary system of vessels that transport poison to all his spines and horns, with the greatest concentrations in his tail stinger and large, raptorial outer claws.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 1: Halloween Clutch 2004

Personality: This male is a silent, shady figure. He lurks in the shadows and moves in darkness. He isn't very vicious normally, but he will defend himself if need be. Despite his retiring nature, he is social, and he doesn't often get the chance for a decent conversation. He also has a natural wanderlust that has led him all over the place.


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seraaches Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2004
oO He looks poisonous. . . *inches away*
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November 26, 2004
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