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Lazarus [pc19m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Lazarus
ID#: pc19m
Description: Portal Forsaken Realm Green Arboreal Male
Bondmate: Ishtar
Adopter: karimuffin (Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Mutations: Some bleed-over of chimeric DNA from experimentation; carries genes for striped markings
Special Characteristics: Lab-created chimera (horns from large, poisonous reptile; wings from unidentified source)
Abilities/Attacks: Chemical Signals, Plant Manipulation, Teleportation
Chemical SignalsChemical Signals
This dragon can produce chemicals that influence the physiology of other creatures and affect the way they behave, much like cross-species pheromones.  The chemicals are barely detectable once they disperse.
Plant ManipulationPlant Manipulation
This dragon can manipulate plants, causing them to grow and move by concentrating on what it wishes them to do.  This ability takes extended concentration, and the dragon will become taxed when performing large or long-term tasks.
The ability to travel instantly to a different location
The exact method of teleportation can differ between dragons, but generally, this type of instant transport involves warping space-time or taking shortcuts through an alternate dimesion.

  • Chemical Signals: This dragon delivers chemicals by breathing them at targets.  He has worked on attracting and repelling, calming, and causing creatures to fall asleep.  With practice, he may be able to further develop this ability.
  • Teleportation: This dragon can teleport in a flash of sunlight.  He can only teleport to places he has been previously, and he must be able to concentrate and visualize it very clearly for the teleport to be a success.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 5: Halloween Clutch 2007

This dragon was part of a Clan of Bishel Dragons that makes its home in the Forsaken Realm.  Dragons of his Clan have strongly-contrasting colorations--the hide colorations are darker, and the scale colorations are lighter.  Members of this Clan often have markings in the form of stripes or points.  This male's parents were striped, so he could pass the markings on to his offspring.  In this Clan, the back scales have joined into a single, serrated scale ridge.  Above their brow ridges, these dragons have scaly, serrated ridges that run the length of their skulls rather than traditional horns.  Their types are similar to Machesri types, but Marine types often develop front and tail fins.  Arboreals often have tail fins, although this male does not.  In the forest, most dragons are of the Arboreal type and live in the trees to avoid the predators that stalk the ground.  They are active during the day and sleep in protective groups at night.

Before experimentation by the Organization, this dragon was a Green Arboreal.  He was captured and his Magical Object taken from him.  Then, he was used as a test subject by the Organization, some time before the human chimera project was begun.  His wings were mostly removed to make room to splice on larger wings from an unidentified source, the same mysterious source that gave Ishtar his tail.  The joining of muscle and bone at the shoulders was successful; the wings are fully functional, although they often pain him.  The membranes were stitched into his sides and to a few inches of his old wing membranes for added strength.  They healed well, but he still has a double line of scars where they join his body.  His head is thickly scarred where his natural eye ridges were cut away.  Two reptile horns were spliced to the quicks and the skin stitched closed around them.  The horns are poisonous due to bacteria that live in them.  Touching them can make someone ill if the bacteria infect them, and wounds caused by the horns will become badly infected, often leading to death.  This dragon became very ill after the horns were introduced into his system.  Only his strong nature allowed him to recover.  He has been developing an immunity to the horns since.  Very occasionally his scars will become re-inflamed, and he will have short bouts of illness that last a few days as he adapts to the bacteria.  His immune system has become very strong since he was experimented upon; the DNA from his wings may play a part in this.

The dragon was liberated in the same mass escape that gave Ishtar his freedom.  He was unable to recover his Magical Object, but he is experienced enough with his magic to continue to use his abilities in its absence.  He teleported back to the Forsaken Realm, and he has been recovering in isolation.  He is afraid to return to his family; he expects that they will see him as a monster and not accept him back into the Clan.  He finds his appearance disgusting, and he is withdrawn and aggressive with anyone who runs into him.  The loss of his Magical Object is a sore spot with him; he would jump at a chance to recover it, especially now that he is recovering and growing stronger.


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