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Kyrie [mc127f] - Shrape Stage

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Kyrie
ID#: mc127f
Description: Machesri Ivory Divine Terran Female Shrape
Bondmate: Alice
Adopter: karimuffin (Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Mutations: Divine characteristics (including Ivory color mutation and peacock feathers), silver back spines
Clutch: Machesri Clutch 13: Sofi [mc43f] & Lunibré [mc55m]

Notes: Despite her mantle of ivory peacock feathers, Kyrie is a pure Terran type; there are no wings hidden under all that plumage.


Past Stages
Kyrie [mc127f] - Wyrm Stage by indyanaKyrie [mc127f] - Egg Stage by indyanaMachesri Female Egg (Current Version) by indyana

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I'm still thrilled over the fact that she's a pure Terran despite being divine. And you did such an amazing job with her coloration. I always have trouble shading anything remotely close to white. (Or off-white, since Kyrie would make a point of pointing that out.)
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:heart: She's the first one to buck the Arboreal type.  She still had to keep the stylish feather cape though.

... I keep wondering if her feathers are going to stay that length or just keep getting longer and longer. lol
karimuffin's avatar
Because she's just that amazing! *preens*

I imagine them getting longer, kind of like a beautiful train that she can periodically preen or trim.
indyana's avatar
Hehe, good reason to request another stage for her someday!  (And then watch me cry because, you know, giant mass of white peacock feathers.)

(EDIT: Oh, wait, I'm sorry, ivory peacock features.)
karimuffin's avatar
XD I died a little at the edit. *rolls over in pain from the laughter*