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Kuinl'Eil [mc118f]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Kuinl'Eil
ID#: mc118f
Description: Machesri Glossy Red Terran Female
Bondmate: Beau
Mutations: Glossy color variant, gold back spines
Special Characteristics: Gold jewelry
Magical Objects: Guardian's Eye
Guardian's EyeGuardian's Eye
This gold and diamond tiara gives a guardian dragon many abilities.  The dragon can immediately sense when intruders or beings with ill intent are drawing near to its protected place, object, or being.  It also develops an uncanny ability to move swiftly when its guardian duties are involved.  This manifests in different ways depending what the dragon is guarding.
This object also causes the guardian to develop breath weapons that suit its base elemental magic.

  • Guardian's Eye: This gold and diamond tiara allows her to sense when intruders have entered the Golden Hall.  It grants her two breath weapons, one of fire and the other of light that can paralyse its target.  She also can move very swiftly from one point to the other in the Golden Hall, almost as though the walls rearrange to allow her to pass.

Abilities/Attacks: Guardian's Song
Guardian's SongGuardian's Song
This song will cause its targets to fall into a deep sleep and forget whatever this dragon is guarding, whether it be a location, object, or being.

  • Guardian's Song: Using her Magical Object as a starting point, she has learned the Guardian's Song.  This song causes the target to sleep and forget their visit to the Golden Hall and how they originally came to be there.  She uses this song to banish unwanted or dangerous visitors.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 5: Halloween Clutch 2007

Notes: This Terran female is descended from a line of dragons who have guarded the mysterious Golden Hall.  Future Keepers are always hatched with golden back spines.  Her mother was Keeper before her, and some day, when she finds a mate and clutches, one or two of her children will become Golden Hall Keepers as well.  She has strong protective instincts, but she does enjoy the occassional peaceful visitor.  She is fairly young, just recently become Keeper, and she is still developing her powers.  If she continues her training, she could develop many more guardian abilities.


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