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Krayt [mc101m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Krayt
ID#: mc101m
Description: Machesri Mountain Haze Terran Male
Mutations: Mountain Haze color mutation, black back and belly scales
Magical Objects: Warp Link Bracelet
Warp Link BraceletWarp Link Bracelet
This bracelet provides instant teleportation back to a single location.

  • Warp Link Bracelet: Provides instant teleportation back to his magic cave

Abilities/Attacks: Farsight, Teleportation
The ability to view events happening very far away, either in the mind or through a visual portal
The ability to travel instantly to a different location
The exact method of teleportation can differ between dragons, but generally, this type of instant transport involves warping space-time or taking shortcuts through an alternate dimesion.

  • Farsight, Teleportation: He can only use these abilities from within his magic cave, where he has been gathering magic for many years.  Meditating and using his powerful magic, he is able to warp the space-time continuum.  He can view events happening very far away, and with more effort, he can instantly bring himself to distant locations.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 3: Halloween Clutch 2006

Notes: This young dragon left his family when he was a shrape to find his own magic.  They gave him his bracelet, which would allow him to return home.  He found a very remote cave and began questing, hoping to learn to use magic without a Magical Object.  He found that his talents lay in space and time.  By making his cave a center for his power, he gathered more and more space-time magic into one location, controlling and binding it.  He gave up his last link to home and instead bound his Warp Link Bracelet to the cave.  With much practice, he found he was able to see distant locations and events.  Eventually, he learned to teleport from the cave, providing himself with instant transportation anywhere in his realm.  The Warp Link Bracelet allowed him to return to his cave, and he now makes frequent outings to explore interesting places.  While outside his cave, his only power is the ability to return to his cave via his Warp Link Bracelet; he has no other magic nor breath weapon.
There are consequences to his magical quest.  The area in and around his cave has become very unstable, often sucking in visitors from distant places.  If they become stuck, the dragon can often send them home when he returns, as he doesn't care much for visitors.  At one point, however, an entire community of fairies was sucked into his cave.  When he tried to return them home, he found that their glade had been destroyed by some sort of fire.  They have lived in the cave ever since, guiding the occasional wayward traveller.  Although he never admits it, the dragon enjoys having someone to tell his stories to when he returns from his travels.
This dragon still has a lot of potential.  Space-time magic is very powerful, and it can be used for far more than mere teleporting.  With time, he could develop other skills, linking himself to places beyond his own world, other eras, or even other dimensions... For now, he seems happy to travel.


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