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Julep [mc124m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

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Dragon: Julep
ID#: mc124m
Description: Machesri Black Terran Male
Caretaker: Vivien
Adopter: ixris (Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Mutations: Black color mutation, silver back spines, silver armored belly scales, silver talons
Special Characteristics: Scars
Magical Objects: The Stalking Cloud
The Stalking CloudThe Stalking Cloud manifests as glowing purple liquid or mist that moves with a mind of its own.  It gives its master a breath weapon of disorienting fog and the ability to control the movement of fog.  With practice, the bearer can cause fog to appear and dissipate at will.  This magical object can open the door to greater control over the weather and climate for dragons who work to further their abilities.
  • The Stalking Cloud: The Stalking Cloud is held within a crystal cabochon on Julep's arm brace.  It gives him the potential to learn to control the climate, especially in regards to cooling and condensing.

Clutch: Machesri Clutch 13: Sofi [mc43f] & Lunibré [mc55m]

Notes: Julep now wears his magical object, the Stalking Cloud.  He continues to receive new scars, including a large one from the gash on his chest that nearly took his life.


Past Stages
Julep [mc124m] - Shrape Stage by indyanaJulep [mc124m] - Wyrm Stage by indyanaMachesri Male Egg (Current Version) by indyana

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ixris's avatar
I have to say, as much as I still adore his 'you're an idiot and now you die' look, I am completely enchanted by the texture on his chest scar.  Very well done!  :heart:  I love that it's not completely uniform, and that it's the pink of flesh that hasn't figured out how to knit itself fully together and call itself healed yet.  *squee!*

.... One day I'll write you a story wherein some terrible thing does NOT befall my dragons or their bondmates.  Uh.  Later.  Like..... MUCH later.  *shifty look*
indyana's avatar
Haha, yes, usually I'm like, "Meh, dragons heal fast..."  But that injury seemed to justify a bit more.  I think I spent almost as much time tweaking the scars as I did on his magical brace.

... ^_-  I'll believe /that/ when I read it...
ixris's avatar
TBH, I wrote that being like "AND THEN I HAVE JUSTIFIED THIS ENORMOUS EFFING BITE MARK" .... and then realized it happened when he was a wyrm.  Oh my god, the biggest facepalm ever happened.

LOL, that's probably a good idea.  *shifty look*

Also: Indy.  You have activated the fridge magnets option.  I now have a moral dilemma.
indyana's avatar
... and that one was on the back of his neck... XD  But, you know, whatever.

If I had spare money floating about, my refrigerator would be full of dragons.  One of these days, I'll do some sort of adopt sales or commissions, and all the money I earn will just go to buy Bishen magnets.
ixris's avatar
well YEAH, but see, I figured out how to set the scene, wrote ALL the heavy lifting, all the atmosphere and the fighting and THEN realized the timing was wrong.  It's -really- easy for me to go 'Eh, I'll just smack you around somewhere else.'  It's -not- so easy for me to get rid of several days' worth of work that I thought I'd done pretty well on just because of a niggling -technicality- like wound placement.  Especially since a lot of his later character development was tenuously hinging on it?  It all worked out in the long run.  (Though I am kind of spitting in horror at myself at how you gave me a -totally reasonable- wound to explain, and uh... I wound up with a totally different one instead. XD;; I'm a terrible person.)

AHAHAHAHAHA.  :heart:  Qui suggested maybe one time you let us commission you redraws for our old dragon stages so that we, too, may have things like Alu and Kip and Devgan and the like adorning our own refrigerators.  Because let's be honest, the idea of Qui & my future refrigerator being full of dragons we can move around and attach stickynote talk bubbles to makes us both really squirmy with want.  XD;;;;
indyana's avatar
(Psst, you could get those for free by writing me more story...? lol)
ixris's avatar
XD  Well YEAH.  But I mean, I don't -predict- more from Gunnhild (maybe enough for a second clutch? Endara and I talked about it a little, but not as much as our other pairings) or Clarinet.  Except maybe as crazy old matron dragons, which let's be honest, they already are.  :heart:  Kip & Ira might get a little more now that their kids are starting to grow up.  I need to rewrite Ira's story so it makes SENSE (also I have no idea what happened to the original. *SHRUG*), and so that he can develop his magic further (as he's the only one at this point who wants to, what with his bondmate and mate both being ... uh, kind of crazy).  But it might not be enough in your opinion to justify a redraw.  *SHRUG*

indyana's avatar
You can totally just write more story and request a new stage though.  It doesn't have to ride on an ability. :)…

But if you'd rather throw money at me instead, I guess I shouldn't argue.  Because then I can have my 'frigerator army!  Mua ha ha ha....
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