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Joaquin [mc111m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption

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Dragon: Joaquin
ID#: mc111m
Description: Machesri Blue Terran Male
Bondmate: EndaraMae
Adopter: EndaraMae ( Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Mutations: Spiked mane, no back scales, tail tuft, dark blue retractable claws
Special Characteristics: Chain jewelry and piercings, goggles
Magical Objects: Dark Fairy Talisman
Dark Fairy TalismanDark Fairy Talisman
This talisman provides control over shadows, allowing this dragon to create and manipulate them, even in broad daylight.  It also attaches the dragon to the spirit realm, giving it the ability to communicate with spirits.

  • Dark Fairy Talisman: He has some skill with banishing and exorcising spirits.

Abilities/Attacks: Whirlwind, Sepulcher's Veil
This is the ability to create spinning vortexes of air that can hinger the passage of foes and even lift objects off the ground.
Sepulcher's VeilSepulcher's Veil
The ability to wrap a foe in an inky blackness
The affected enemy sees only darkness and hears only silence.  The target's other senses are muted, although still functional.  The foe is struck with an oppressive feeling and may find the air stale or heavy, as in a tomb.  This veil will fade within a few hours, and it can only be immediately broken by the touch of a holy person, such as a priest or shaman.

  • Whirlwind: He can create spinning vortexes of air that string enough to throw things or lift enemies.  They are not large enough to lift very large structures or buildings, but he can cause wind damage.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 4: Commissions 2006

Notes: This dragon's mane extends from head to end of body.  It is medium length but slightly coarse so that it stands up straight from his back under normal conditions.  It does droop slightly when wet. The mane also consists of different shades of color, rather than a single shade.


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This boy was such a difficult booger, but in the end he came out perfect! I couldn't be more in love. Thank you for your patience with the two of us, Indy! :heart:
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Deirdre I believe you got on the second sketch, but Joaquin was just a pain in the bum. Typical for him, but I do apologize for the frustration caused. ^^; Thanks again for sticking it out with us. :hug:
indyana's avatar
Aww, I'm so glad you like him.  I remember being frustrated that I couldn't seem to get him and Deirdre quite right during commissions. Grr.