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Jadzia Rai de Kikime et Teshi [pc05f]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Jadzia Rai de Kikime et Teshi
ID#: pc05f
Description: Portal Code Data Terran Female
Bondmate: Fedora Lita
Adopter: karimuffin (Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Abilities/Attacks: Code Rewrite, Surge
Code RewriteCode Rewrite
She is able to manipulate the code around her and even her own code as she sees fit. This means she can change her settings, situation, and even her own appearance. Larger code changes will take more effort, and some may be impossible until she gains more experience, as she is a relatively young dragon.
She can create brief surges of energy, but releasing too much could cause her code to deteriorate, thus "wounding" her. Visually, she usually manifests these surges as glowing energy blasts shooting from her horns.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 1: Halloween Clutch 2004

Notes: She's composed of computer data and energy, a completely digital being.

Personality: She is very young and excitable. Somehow, in her early youth, she managed to make the jump from being composed of energy to a combination of energy and computer code. She has existed in the virtual world ever since, forsaking the real world. Despite her powerful influence on her environment, she is still learning to control her abilities, and she has a bad tendency to overtax herself and become weak. She is friendly, but she also likes staying hidden and observing. She is bit of a trickster, and thus, she is often observing the results of her tricks and pranks. She is not malicious, however, and she is always careful to ensure no one becomes injured. When she discovered "Heroes of Far", she immediately entered the game in the form in which she appears below. Nothing is more exciting for her than having so many other creatures in the same place, whether they are players from the outside "real" world or beings who, like herself, are completely virtual.


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Glitter + bronze + dragon = :+fav:
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she's just awesome! ^^ i love how glittery she appears!