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Haint [mc104f]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Haint
ID#: mc104f
Description: Machesri White Terran-Marine Female
Bondmate: Janis Fateweaver
Adopter: unyko
Mutations: White color mutation, Terran-Marine hybrid type (two stunted hind legs), iridescent black back spines and tail tuft
Magical Objects: Raven's Charm
Raven's CharmRaven's Charm
This item allows the user to charm or trick others.  The dragon can speak in any language and mimic any sound.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 3: Halloween Clutch 2006

Notes: This young Machesri can be quite a handful.  She is a typical White in that she enjoys solitude and quiet, but she also has a natural curiosity that can get her into mischief.  She was hatched in a bayou, and she spent the early part of her life avoiding alligators and other nasties and learning to imitate the calls of the local wildlife.  Her talents increased when she was granted her Magical Object; she is one of the rare Bishel Dragons capable of speech and spoken languages.  She became something of a local legend, the creature that lurked just beyond sight and stalked travelers.  Her talent for trickery hasn't diminished over the years.


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