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Fuua e'Isniu [hc15f]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Fuua e'Isniu
ID#: hc15f
Name Meaning: snake in the grass
Description: Hirgyae Green Arboreal Female
Bondmate: Adrian
Adopter: Dracogrex ( Gold Star Parent by indyana)
Mutations: Green color mutation, two sets of wings, double wing spines, fangs, tail stinger
Special Characteristics: Battle scars
Abilities/Attacks: Poison, Poison Garden, Potion Creation
This dragon's body produces poisonous substances.
Poison GardenPoison Garden
This dragon has a vast knowledge of plants that are toxic, and they have specialized in growing these types of plants.
Potion CreationPotion Creation
This dragon has the ability to mix poitions. Individual dragons may specialize in different types of potions.

  • Poison: She has the ability to inject different types of poisons and chemicals from her fangs and tail stinger, which can disable or kill.
  • Potion Creation: She can create many different compounds, most of them poisons or toxins.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 2: Halloween Clutch 2005

Personality: The female is about as nasty as a dragon can get. She is vicious, and she goes out looking for fights, as can be seen by her battered armor and scarred skin. This Arboreal is naturally poisonous, and she can inject different types of poisons from her fangs and tail stinger. She has the ability to paralyze, disable, and kill. Her Green nature enables her to grow plants with ease, but her knowledge mainly centers around toxic plants and the poisons and compounds that can be derived from them. She coats her claws and armor with poisons, most often choosing an agent that will quickly paralyze her attackers. She is also able to prepare other types of potions, even antidotes, but it isn't in her nature to bother.


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