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Chayala [mc75f] and Verdara [mc76f]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Chayala
ID#: mc75f
Description: Fraternal Twin Machesri Red Marine Female
Mutations: Tail fin
Magical Object(s): Treasurer's Collar
Red Treasurer's Collar by indyana
  • Treasurer's Collar: This collar gives Chayala the ability to hide items from anyone she chooses, even if they are in plain sight.  She can also breath red fire and use telekinesis.

Dragon: Verdara
ID#: mc76f
Description: Fraternal Twin Machesri Blue Terran-Marine Female
Mutations: Terran-Marine hybrid type (four legs), tail fin
Special Characteristics: Sir Peepalot
Magical Object(s): Treasurer's Collar, Pakul Bracelet
Blue Treasurer's Collar by indyanaPakul Bracelet by indyana
  • Treasurer's Collar: This collar gives Verdara an incredible memory, making her able to recall any sense memory in an instant.  She can also breath blue fire and use telekinesis.

Bondmate: Jin
Adopter: ixris (Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Clutch: Machesri Clutch 10: Faiamitsukai [mc39f] & Striking Echo [mc23m]


Past Stages
Chayala [mc75f] and Verdara [mc76f] - Wyrm Stage by indyanaMachesri Twin Female Egg (Version 2) by indyana

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. . . is. . . is that a ducky on the back of the blue one? oO
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Actually, it is a Peep (long story... lol If you want to read it, you can visit their story, Resilient).