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Benedict [mc100m] - Bishen Stage 1

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Want to adopt your own?  Watch the BishenRealm group.

Role: Birthday Present for Lilu
Dragon: Benedict
ID#: mc100m
Description: Machesri Buckskin Terran Male
Adopter: ixris ( Platinum Star Parent by indyana)
Mutations: Tattoos (genetic)

This is a previous stage.  For this dragon's complete information, please see its current stage:
Benedict [mc100m] by indyana

This image is only available for use by the Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adopter to whom this dragon belongs.  No one else is granted any rights to use this image.
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He's still gorgeous.  *flail*
I've updated his layout because I'm lazy and F tables, man.  Can you update his link, please?…

Sharona's story picks up there, too, but the writing hasn't supported that yet.  (I PROMISE I am finished making you update her links now. @___@ ) 
indyana's avatar
Done and done!

... and now "My Sharona" gets stuck in my head?

Oh god, can I start plotting little spiky, tattooed babies of doom? XD
ixris's avatar
.......... NOW?!  Geez, good job, Indy's brain.  Lol!

:D Yes, yes you may.  Please.

I love that she has this EPIC family tree, and he's like "eh, just me.  what."  :giggle:

Thank you!  :heart:
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At least you can be certain they aren't cousins... XD

The real reason behind the recent wild clutch.  My Machesri were at risk to become inbred. ;_;
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THIS IS TRUE!  Though calling them 'spikey tattooed babies' makes me think of tiny bikers.  o___o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; oh dear.

I know!  I was talking with Endara about her thoughts on making Machesri family trees, and I realized that LITERALLY all my clutch-dragons are related, whether through direct line or from someone's sibling mating.  Good on you, saving the Machesri from going extinct by inbreeding!  :heart:  (now if only we can coax our girl!dragons to mate with some of the wild/unrelated boys, you'll have a clean line again!)
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They're all going to be little magical punks, L.  Someone better buy theirs a dog collar.

I blame myself for only doing one wild seed clutch and then letting mated pairs form from the same family lines. >_<
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Hey, Kip sent his baby with the cat eyes a collar.  That ALMOST counts.  *shifty look*  (All the babies from Sharona/Bene will grow up and look SUSPICIOUSLY like Joaquin....)

Well yeeaaahhh... and commissions.  And prizes.  And .... And .... And really all the COOL dragons are from the family line.  >__>;;;  Man, mate with the cool dragons with cool stories, even if they're not much to look at.  They'll make pretty things!  (proof of this phenomenon: GUNNHILD AND THE DIVINES.)
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I stumbled into here in search of Benedict's story and am now having déjà vu. It's our whole conversation from today in notes! Haha! I swear I just got here, really. Brainwaves, man. Late brainwaves, but still.

Also, Joaquin would like to say, *See?! Kasi and I don't need kids! There'll plenty of little punks running around from Sharona and Benedict.* *firm nod*

Also also. I'm in love with Benedict's story so far. :heart:
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Divines are the gift that keeps on giving.  Generations later, they just keep popping up randomly (haha, Ilari).

Also, Gunnhild is Mother of Back Spines... which keep mutating.  Apparently, a very unstable trait. lol
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