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Awamaridii [pc16m]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

This dragon is inactive.

Dragon: Awamaridii
ID#: pc16m
Description: Portal Nightcat Terran Male
Bondmate: Iyanipa
Adopter: Jules (Gold Star Parent by indyana)
Contact Person: indyana
Abilities/Attacks: Aura of Contagion, Cloak, Inflammation
Aura of ContagionAura of Contagion
The eerie, dark aura that surrounds this dragon causes deadly illness, rapidly weakening and killing any enemies.  Although the aura remains directly around the dragon, with effort, its effects can be spread over a larger area
This dragon can fade into darkness and shadows with ease, essentially becoming invisible, except in direct light.
Simply put, the ability to make things worse
The exact effects of this vary between dragons, but in general, this is the power to augment negative forces like war, famine, and pestilence.

  • Inflammation: This dragon specializes in pestilence.  He can turn a simple cold into an out of control pneumonia epidemic or a mild stomach illness into a deadly plague.  He can also cause disease to spread more readily.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 3: Halloween Clutch 2006

Notes: The strange egg found in Ghana has matured into a terrific beast of a dragon.  His markings are almost feline, and that, paired with his fangs, talons, and glowing eyes, causes him to be occasionally mistaken for a leopard.  His back and belly scales are gem-like and translucent, but they are tough enough to cause scrapes if you aren't careful.  He is surrounded by an aura at all times, but it disappears along with him when he fades into the shadows.
It isn't that this Terran is purely evil, but unfortunately, his talents lean toward the pestilent.  He doesn't hesitate to use them when he feels that he, or Iyanipa, is in need.  Like his bond, this dragon has an almost split personality.  He can be gentle, retiring, and curious one day, and the next, he can be irritable, snappish, and dangerous to cross.
His magic deals with disease and infections, and his abilities paired with his disease-causing aura make a deadly combination.


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