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Arianrhod Nimue [pc24f]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Arianrhod Nimue
ID#: pc24f
Description: Portal Aether Dusky White Terran-Marine Female
Caretaker: Yohji
Adopter: Vyntacular
Mutations: Aether infection, Dusky color variant, Terran-Marine hybrid type (four legs), finned spines and barbs along spine and jaws, fluorescence, talons, dew claws, fangs
Abilities/Attacks: Aether Acid, Intuition, Soothe
This dragon produces burning acid.
a psychic ability that allows the user to tell accurately truth from lie, correct from incorrect
a preternatural ability to calm and comfort others by actions and words

  • Aether Acid: Her barbs, claws, and fangs are mildly acidic, making any wounds delivered by them burn and heal very slowly.  Extensive injuries by her can sicken or kill.  There is also a very minute amount of aether in them, which adds toxicity and makes her contagious.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 7: Halloween Clutch 2009

This dragon is severely mutated.  She has a six-limbed body structure, although she only has four front legs.  Added to that are all sorts of weaponry and fluorescence.  She has also become more bony, although some of that is due to malnutrition.  Normal dragons of her clan are more like the Machesri in appearance, but claws, horns, and hybrid types are more common.  They are very rare on this world, and most live underground to escape discovery.  It is unclear whether any other Bishel Dragons are in the quarantined zone.

This dragon often hears voices, probably a combination of her exposure to aether and her solitude and boredom.  Luckily, the voices are mostly helpful, and she will often hold conversations with them to pass the days.  Besides that failing, she has a good grip on reality for a dragon who has been living alone in toxic conditions.  Creative by nature, she is always seeking amusement and making hobbies and games for herself.  Boredom is a problem when you're stuck underground with a bunch of mutant critters.  Many of her games involve hunting, for lack of better things to do.

She is able to control her level of fluorescence. The natural glow of her back spines is dim; keeping them entirely dark or strengthening their glow (as above) requires concentration. When unlit, her back spines appear similar to smoky crystal.


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ixris's avatar
I always love when you draw the 'cranky face' on your dragons. You do it so well! :D

How many more do you have to do? *forgets*
indyana's avatar
Usually, Whites look so peaceful... XD I really like the way this one turned out. Looks like the face my cats make when they're hissing at one another.

Let's see, Sera's Portal is on hold for the moment. I talked to her via email, and she said she would try to get a web page up soon (her old domain is down).

That leaves Ams's dragon, which I need to start from scratch with. :)
ixris's avatar
Lol, that is one way to put it. :heart:

Oh, poor Sera! Part of the reason I renew my domain every year (despite it being so expensive) is I would hate to lose all my pages and have to start over from practically nothing. I have -most- of them backed up, but ... *wince* But definitely not all of them. :\ Especially with all the laptop trouble I've had in the last two or three years. :\

Amsy always makes the most awesomest dagron pages. X3 Well. Actually. Everyone really went to town this year, if the dragons are any indication. Or you were exceedingly generous with the mutations and portals. :giggle:
indyana's avatar
No, 2009 really was a great year for Halloween entries. Everyone came up with different themes/settings, and each person was very creative in the way they presented the material. A few times I actually stopped and reassessed because, yeah, that's a heck of a lot of mutations there. In the end, every dragon was well deserved.

Going back and reexamining all these entries has made me eager to get back in the dragon business, that's for sure...

Have a few ideas for Ams already. But before I start working on that, I have to do my taxes. *headdesk* *goes back to boring forms*
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Stupid taxes, taking away from Indy's doodling time. :(

Glad to hear there was a ton of inspiration to be had, though! :)