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Ahenna Hauvashi'Niaryai [mc95f]

A Bishen Realm / BishenRealm adoption.

Dragon: Ahenna Hauvashi'Niaryai
ID#: mc95f
Name Meaning: guardian angel (literally: Form of the Champion of the Deity of Life)
Description: Machesri Hydra Female
Bondmate: Djitimra A'Niarya
Adopter: unyko
Special Characteristics: Hydra form (three-headed, three-tailed; magical chimera of Blue Terran, White Arboreal, Black Marine)
Magical Objects: Icy Gem, Lava Gem, Onyx Gem
Icy GemIcy Gem
This gem allows her to breathe a beam of freezing light at her enemies. She can withstand cold temperatures and is learning to conjure snow.
Lava GemLava Gem
This gemstone gives her the ability to breathe streams of superheated water and steam that can sear the skin off her foes. She can also withstand extremely hot temperatures.
Onyx GemOnyx Gem
This stone gives her the breath weapon of Dark Fog, a black, damp, choking vapor that creeps into the lungs of her enemies and sucks the air out, eventually causing them to lose consciousness. It could kill, but she would never use it in that fashion. She can also see very well in the dark, as the gem augments her Terran vision.

Clutch: Mixed Clutch 2: Halloween Clutch 2005

Individual Names:
  • Blue: Avalon - island (Latin)
  • White: Raieil (rye-EYE-l) - shining light (Hirgyae)
  • Black: Kali (kah-LEE) - Hindu goddess, 'black time' or 'destruction' (Hindi)

Description: The three dragons have separate head and neck regions and merge at the chest. The Blue Terran possesses one proper front leg and a second, malformed leg. The White Arboreal has one stunted wing and on her right shoulder a subcutaneous bone structure that may have been a wing that never grew. The Black Marine is fairly normal in appearance until she merges into the other two dragons. The dragons share many organs. The White and Black share an expanded heart, while the Blue has her own heart but shares lungs with the White. The Black has only one lung of her own, and the junction with the lungs of the others is so weak that she can become short of breath at times. The three share large portions of their nervous system, so that they can feel any pain inflicted on the others. They have access to each others thoughts, dreams, memories, and subconscious, but they are each distinct as well. It is basically as though they are each others bondmates. From the chest back, the dragon is an odd, calico mix. Her spine is mutated, a fusion of three spines that eventually splits again to become three separate tails.

Personality: There's no knowing how this dragon came to be, but she's certainly an oddity. She would be considered monstrous even by her own kind, a conglomeration of features and three distinct personalities. The Black Marine is crafty and vicious. She is not happy at all sharing part of her body with the other two, but she doesn't have much of a choice, since the three share vital organs. The White Arboreal is cool and calculating, by far the most level-headed of the bunch. She often tries to whip the other two into shape and take command, being the central head. The Blue Terran is gentle but often depressed, and she tends to sleep whenever possible to avoid having to think too much. She is perfectly happy to lie back and let the White and Black battle it out.


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