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NICE GUY - commission

Location  Brazil, Sao paulo
This is my version of thormemeson 's OC. +fav 
I hope you enjoy it!  Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 

"Zachary Ackerman stands out among most Gyrans as unlike much of his people he has a Cleft Chin and a slightly rounder chin than most. In contrast to his blonde father and elder brother he has brown hair and facial features in common with his mother Aleta Ferdinand. He stands out even further with his heterochromia a blue eye on the left like his father and a green eye on the right similar to his mother. He is not a striking man and his own personal attitude can often match his rather ordinary and odd appearance among his own people. When out and about within the greater galaxy of the Orion Arm he is impulsive, hot headed young man. His plans often involve reacting to rapidly changing situations caused by his own devil may care attitude towards planning. Often his own success comes down to little more than luck. His father is the Luther Ackerman a war hero, a peace maker, and diplomat to the Neo-Prussian Empire. He is the Heir apparent to house Ferdinand and is a descendant of the Gyran Federation founding father Alexander Ackerman. His brother Jeremiah is the youngest Primarch in Gyran history and the founder of the Gyran Corsair corps. A second child born of a human woman when many of his people are born from nutrient tanks with countless monitors and doctors controlling embryonic development. Zachary is often counted as weaker than his brother and father. Like all Gyrans he served his nations military and holds the moral codes of the Gyran Federation with and idealist viewpoint that often clouds his ability to think before he acts. Much like any favored child he views the world in need of changing to conform too moral righteousness and justice. His father's own victorious courtroom battles against the former oppressor Earth he is out to fill the big shoes his father rightfully left for him. He is willing to do anything to change it regardless of the world's will around him even if he is hesitant to do so. 

Despite his contrasting and spoiled nature Zachary is a skilled pilot and skilled shooter with a wide knowledge of firearms in common usage across the galaxy. He can manage mid level command and on the ground combat with a team of varying size be it a four man fire team or a full platoon."
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Good job, nice colors !! :3

I am so happy that you continue in this world... in which I introduced you!

You are always welcome!!

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Very great job :la:

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I'm glad you liked it!! :happybounce:


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I am glad you are glad :la:

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Hahaha ❤️ you're the best

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DWAAAA :love:

Thank you so much ! You are the best of the best :heart:

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thanks its great

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My pleasure!! :happybounce: :heart:

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