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Hellody, everyone!
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Hellody, everyone. I am Indurok, and I am a gamer. I really enjoy playing video games for YouTube. I also make some images with the Source Filmmaker. But what I am really into is voice acting. I want to voice act so much. I want to voice someone in a video game or something.

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Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, Kung Fu Panda 2, Zootopia
Favourite TV Shows
Don't watch TV
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
John Williams, Gareth Coker
Favourite Games
Ori and the Blind Forest, Ratchet and Clank, Games made by Valve, Doom 3: BFG Edition
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Tools of the Trade
Mouse and keyboard, Controller
Other Interests
Voice acting

I decided to try writing again.

I decided to try writing again.

So recently, I had created an account on Archive of Our Own, and I posted some of my old Fanfictions from to there. However, for one of my stories, half of the chapters were copied and pasted directly from my FanFiction account. And the rest were rewritten from scratch. I was also considering writing stories on DA too. I have no intention of posting my old fanfics here, though. I have an original story I've had stuck in my head for the past couple of years. I won't reveal anything about it yet. I want to try and write as much of the story as I can before I post it. It's just too bad I don't have any cover art for it. If I could draw, I'd make it myself.

Yeah... I don't like Eclipse

Yeah... I don't like Eclipse

I haven't tried Eclipse since it was announced last year. Since it's going to be a permanent change now, I decided to try it again, and man, I really don't like it that much. I can't even add one of my collections to my profile. I tried to add my Ori collection, but all it shows is all of my faved art. I kept trying to change it back to Ori, but it won't let it happen. That art is only there because there's no collection to put them in. I just want to show one collection of art. Why the hell is that too much to ask? Then there's the method of adding images to your collection. Remember when there was the dropdown arrow next to the "Add to Favorites" button that would allow you to add it to a collection? Do you also remember when you could click and hold the image and drag it to the top of the screen where you could also find your collections to add it to? Yeah, none of those options are here. Instead, you have to add it to your favorites, which puts it in the "Featured" section, then

Don't accept any $100 gift cards in your notes

Don't accept any $100 gift cards in your notes

I apparently won $100 for a post I never made, and the account has only been around for a week. And they posted a funny-looking link ending in .xyz Do not go to that link. I had already been hack on Steam in the past, I'm not making the same mistake again.

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Thank you so much for your favourite

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Thank you for adding Spyro into your collection 'Spyro' Indurok+fav Mini Avalarian Orb 
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Thank you so much for your favourite :+fav: ! :) 
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Thanks for the watch! :)
No prob. I still have to go through your gallery, but... I got videos to make.
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Hehe no rush! ^^